DeWalt makes power tools and accessories for professionals and the consumer do-it-yourself market; everything from cordless drills to power saws, screwdrivers and lasers. The laser is quite possibly one of the most useful accessories you can own.

DeWalt has many different laser models in their line of tools including DW087K Heavy-Duty LaserChalkLine Self-Leveling Line Laser (Horizontal & Vertical) and DW7187 Heavy Duty Adjustable Miter Saw Laser System. We are going to look specifically at the DW060K DeWalt Floor Layout Laser.

The laser housing is weatherproof. It lies on a wide flat base that allows the installer to evenly project the laser beam over uneven floor surfaces and irregular subfloors. With a built-in protractor base, the tile-installer can quickly, efficiently, and easily align this to project lines at a 45 degree angle for doing layout. Basically, it is made to project a very stable, sharp, and visible laser beam on the floor by creating a 90 degree intersection in front of the unit that will work to easily, efficiently, and accurately make square lines on a not-so-square floor surface. Some lasers are difficult to see in direct sunlight, but DeWalt Laser does not have this problem.

The bright beams are accurate to approximately plus or minus 1/8 inch per 25 feet and will provide the user with the exact and visible red lines to use for reference when snapping chalk lines. It is visible throughout the cut and follows the exact contours of the work piece.

The brightness of the DeWalt Laser is exceptional. Unlike chalk lines, it projects two visible laser lines on surfaces without being removed or covered. The DeWalt Laser can project a clear bright laser beam over wet mortar, wet concrete, cement, grout, wet glue or other similar materials to complete the layout application. On the other hand, the chalk line cannot be snapped on top of various construction materials. This great tool saves time, and, thus, money. It does that by eliminating the conventional method of pulling measurements from two walls to square up and find the center point of the floor. Also, is totally self-leveling.

The "Three - Four- Five" triangle method is well known to people working on building sites, to tile-installers, and other craftsmen. But this method is not fast and efficient. By eliminating this old construction method the DeWalt Laser contributes to time, cost, and labor efficiency. It is also an ideal construction tool for laying out an entire floor grid. Experienced handymen and craftsmen can use the red accurate laser beam lines of this tool as a laser chalk line. This makes the essential yet time consuming process of tile grid layout easier and faster.

Another great feature is the laser target card. This amazing and useful accessory DeWalt DW060K DeWalt Floor Layout Laserallows the handymen to set up opposite the laser over a long run, up to 100 feet depending on lighting condition. The laser target card is designed to be used on the floor or any flat service. It enhances the brightness of the laser beam allowing the handymen to keep an accurate line without moving the laser. This laser is a very useful tool made to simplify and speed up the floor layout process.

It will improve the accuracy and save time. This innovative, affordable, and durable tool was designed and developed in direct response to tile installer's requests. It features the shock resistant housing and inventive design which enables it to meat the demands of the commercial and residential building designer.

With a stylish and durable housing, accurate and bright laser beams, and a 90 degree projection over long distances this DeWalt Laser is the complete solution to increase the productivity, quality of work, and efficiency of the professional or even amateur handymen.