Melanoma Skin Cancer is sneaky. We read about skin cancer in the papers, hear about it on TV, know about sunscreen and how we need to report changing moles. But there is more to this sneaky disease than changing moles.
I lost my brother earlier this year to advanced Melanoma Skin Cancer, at age 48, simply because he didn't think a slow healing cut was a problem. He thought it was slightly infected. As a matter of fact, he couldn't even remember getting the cut. He noticed this thin cut, similar looking to a paper cut on his upper thigh. It then became a bit red and itchy... he was working long days andMelanoma Skin Cancer shifts at the time and didn't think much about a simple cut.Credit:


Weeks went by, where this cut didn't get worse but it didn't get better. It would scab over, then come off and start again. He put on creams and antiseptics, but it stayed the same.
I remember him telling me about it in a phone call, and I said he should go to the doctor or the clinic, maybe it needs antibiotic cream or something, as he worked in a dusty environment? He left this for way too long.. Like most people, he didn't want to bother the doctor with something he thought was trivial.
Then out of the blue, he started getting achy legs at work, and some swelling in his groin area, (the cut was in his upper thigh). So this scared him and he took the time off work to go to the doctor, who also thought it was an infection. But after a swab and a biopsy of this cut, the results came back STAGE 4 melanoma. They tried to take as much of it off his leg as possible, but in the end it had spread too far. It was already in his groin, abdomen, and lymph nodes, which cauMelanoma Skin Cancer - Sunscreensed the swelling.Credit:


What seemed like a simple little cut that would not heal, was now a life threatening cancer, that does not respond to chemotherapy. My brother died exactly 6 weeks later.
The day he found out how far this had spread in such little time, he turned and said to our family. "I never had a mole in my life" and like most people, he thought that was the major symptom.. but any skin affliction that is new or changing should be checked out. His own doctor was surprised that this was melanoma. He had no other signs on his skin, and the cancer spread from that point.
Procrastination is deadly with melanoma, the earlier you find out the better the cure. Did you know that research shows a 95% cure rate if detected in Stage I? At this stage it can be removed. Make a date with the mirror at least once a month, just stand in front of it naked, and look over your body and skin for any changes.. this way you will notice if something new pops up, and if it does, don't leave it too long.
Histological Diagnosis of Nevi and Melanoma
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