Social Philosophy  (30675)

Social philosophy is a subject that most ponder every day. It deals with virtue and morals. Both the longevity of them, as well as their decline. It tackles ethical questions and digs into human rights and the basic fundamentals of living in a society setting.

Normally, when this subject is discussed, it's human behavior as a topic. There are, however, social philosophy tendencies in many other species of living things. Intelligent thought and reasoning, however, are the differences that make the human so much more interesting to study.

Depending on where in the world we're talking about, these virtues we see in most civilizations, like compassion and charity, acts of conscience and caring, all the things that make up good people, are fading fast. It seems the world has left its teachings of these assets behind. Trading virtues for winning the game. Self improvement of lifestyle and comfort have overtaken honesty and loyalty.

The loss of ethics has become epidemic in proportion. The human race is not the friendly neighborhood it once was. Wars have desecrated countries and others have stood by and not only watched, but let it happen. Society has turned its head to the blight, the suffering. There is a need for the return of compassion and a helping hand for the fellow human in need.

This is the study of the rules. How we must live to co-inhabit a planet with ever shrinking resources and an ever growing population. Great scholars from every time since humans began to walk the Earth have taken up this cause and bettered their respective generations. Also leaving a multitude of textbooks for the future generations to learn from.

These teachings are tried and true. The successes as well as the failures are both there in print. They only need someone to read them, their findings are sometimes pertinent for all time. They tell the importance of each virtue within a society. They report the results of those ideas that failed and time is on our side, because their writings span hundreds of years.

Looking at what has brought past civilizations down can bring light on what will make them fail in the future. We're still dealing with human beings here. All that's left is to put the rules back out there where they can be read. We need another Socrates. Someone to step up and say, This isn't working, people are suffering, people are dying. Get the world on board with each others' issues. Fix them rather then fighting over them.

Individuals can make a difference. If enough people take a serious look at these moral issues, then maybe we still have a chance to rewrite a little more history. Leave the answers behind, to help right the future. Maybe we can leave more information for those who follow us. Give a little insight, as to what happened while we where here. That's why we all write. The problem is, how do we get them to read it?

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