Colocation Hosting - An Overview

The colocation hosting options are ideal for those small organizations that want larger bandwidth, at a low price. In this way the small companies can use the features of the large IT firms at an extremely reasonable cost. Larger organizations can easily afford to hire a professional IT team, and buy the latest equipment for their IT department, but when it comes to the small or medium level organizations, the budget does matter. When it comes to hosting there are countless choices available for the companies, one of the most popular types of hosting service is colocating hosting.

Definition of Colocation

The colocation hosting plans available allow you to keep your server or servers in a data centre where you share the bandwidth costs with other companies. Normally colocation costs you more than the standard hosting packages but is cheaper than housing your own equipment. You also get a larger amount of bandwidth for a lower price. Colocation is simple, you just need to take your server machine physically, and put it on the racks of the collocation server provider. After that the company assigns you an IP address, and your server is ready for the web hosting. The main difference in Colocation, and other types of hosting is the fact that you own the server.

Benefits of Colocation

One of the main benefits of opting for collocation is that you pay less for extra bandwidth because the combined usage is much higher so collocation companies can get a better rate than if you were to pay for it as an individual company. So this is the ideal hosting solution for those who require higher bandwidth for a discounted cost. Another great advantage to choosing collocation is that it works better in the long power outages. Normally the cost of the generator is included in the monthly hosting plan. Most of the colocation hosting providers have backup power supplies to keep the website powered in case of long outages.

In case you want to upgrade the server, you do not need the approval of the host provider. Besides that, the software is also yours so you do not have to wait for the provider to install, and upgrade the necessary software tools and features. Colocation also provides you with an edge if you decide to change your place, because you do not have to spend too much on changing the lines as your server is installed at the place of the provider.

Drawbacks of the Colocation

Besides all the above mentioned great benefits, there are some drawbacks attached to the collocation hosting plans. One of the main disadvantages in this type of hosting is that this is not a common hosting service, so often it becomes hard to find a reliable collocation service provider in your area. As collocation is mostly opted for by small and medium sized companies in their eyes the cost does matter for them and as we mentioned above, it can cost a lot more than the standard hosting plan.

Another disadvantage to a colocation service is the fact that if problems arise you will have to travel to the data centre to fix the issues unless it is something that can be handled by the data centre engineers. Either way having a data centre close by is advisable.