A French bath is an elegant look that also has a specific design style. It can be an elegant and enduring design style. Elegant doesn't necessarily mean expensive but it certainly can be. It's just a matter of finding the right style for your space, personality, and budget.

There are a lot of different French styles to choose from. French Country is a little bit more colorful and casual. You'll want to bring in a lot of porcelain items. You could do this by using pottery to hold your toothbrushes instead of the typical toothbrush holder. You could even go to a paint your own pottery store and try painting your own pieces. Just make sure that whatever you choose is big enough to make a statement and be functional.

With the French country style considers painting your vanity. If you want your rooms to feel larger then just leave it a white or tan. For a little bit of color you can add in a very subtle gold color. In this case you can focus on primary colors like red, yellow, and blue. This also allows you to bring in new life to an old vanity.

In this kind of space it's important to bring in rustic architectural elements. You could try hanging shutters on your window or to the side of your windows. This can also be a great way to add a little bit of charm to a large bathroom. Oftentimes modern bathroom are big blank canvases with lots of light. When there is a lot of light there are lots of windows. This might have been what initially drew you to your space. However, it's not really practical especially if you have a large window above your bathtub.

You might want to beef up your molding around the windows and doorways. This makes sure that you have focal points in your space and heralds back to eras when craftsmanship was important. You can even paint this a different color than the walls to really make your new addition stand out.

If you are just going for a general French style then consider a black and white color palette. This will work well with any shots of the Eiffel tower that you might want to bring into the room. It will also match well with the traditional French toile fabric. You could use this on your window treatments or even your shower curtains. Go a little over the top with tassel trim and luxurious rugs.

The great thing about a black and white color palette is that ' it's gender neutral. You might already have black and white tile and fixtures in your room. Then you can just bring in a few hanging mini crystal chandeliers for an opulent feeling. You could even hang one over each side of the vanity for a dramatic elegant.

You can then add in a very pale color. This could be anything from pink, lavender, pale green, or an icy blue. This pastel colors will seem more sophisticated when paired with this elegant theme but you can rest assured that it won't overtake your room the way that a deep red or purple wall would.

The other option for a French bath is to go with a French provincial style. You might not even recognize this as French at first just because it has become such a decorating staple. A lot of this furniture is very common. In the bathroom you would translate this style into the vanity. This vanity should replicate a piece of furniture and should also have an elegant stone top. Even the faucet should have curved and intricate lines to it. Sure, this is a little more expensive then a basic oak vanity. However, the rich, dark wood tones can really give a lot of flair and style to your whole room. It's an opportunity to experiment with a very luxurious feeling.

You can just go with a basic elegant feeling which will translate as being French. Go for over the top pewter or mirrored soap dispensers. This really allows you to add sparkle to your room without spending a lot of money. You could even add in damask wallpaper. Of course when you do go with a formal feeling you always run the risk of things becoming a little bit too old fashioned looking. You can just do a very formal style in a new way. Instead of doing wallpaper you could paint or stencil a flower pattern on the wall. Just keep it looking very sophisticated by just doing a two tone color palette. One of the colors could be white or black or you could use both of the palettes together for a classic color scheme. This can really spruce up a basic white tile with just a little bit of paint.

There are all different kinds of styles and feelings that can go within this theme. Just remember to bring in an air of luxury. This might mean for going with towels with more of a velvet like texture even though it costs a little bit more money. You might want to head to the thrift store to find an oversized gold frame or gilded mirror. You can also just put in a dressing table. This is the perfect solution if you have lots of different people getting ready in the morning and not enough countertop space.

If you are really dedicated to this theme then you might want to go with a very opulent feeling. You could install columns around your bathtub to really make it the focal point. You could bring in luxurious materials like a marble type tile. You can even go with a medallion tile on your floor to get that royal type of feeling. The French style should feel luxurious without feeling too forced or stuffy. You can make your own personal stamp on the space by the specific vanities and colors that you feel. Almost any metallic color will work in this style. You really should keep with either a brass, bold, pewter, or silver. You don't want it to be too rustic or modern feeling.