If you're a tradesman you are in the wrong place. If you're a manager and you simply want to learn the best way to keep targets manageable then this is the article for you.


So, what is sand-bagging? Sand-bagging is, simply put, a manager's natural reaction to recognizing they will beat senior management imposed targets (such as sales) by a large number. The very first thought that should enter any manager's head is, of course, related to the commission which he or she might receive. Yet an experienced manager will be aware that when they surpass any target by huge amount, the following month's targets will mysteriously find themselves elevated to a platform surrounded by thin air where mighty condors might be observed gently gliding along the cool breeze. In other words, they will be jacked up.


Hence, we must try to beat our target, secure ourselves a reasonable bonus but not end up with increasingly difficult to hit targets for the future. Not quite as straightforward as it seems...


Enterprise has a tendency to be like an ocean liner. It can take a long period of time to get started but once it is in full flow it is usually extremely hard to hold back. You simply can't quit taking cash and making deals. As an alternative you have to find different ways to cut down what you're taking.


An excellent example of this could be a retail outlet. It is not significant what is for sale since we utilize the same methods to sell no matter what we're selling. Pretty much all we have to do is to unlearn everything which we have been taught (but just until the month has finished). So, avoid up-selling! Absolutely no more add-ons! In the event you do not have exactly what the client is looking for then don't talk them into buying anything else. Do you really want that special offer up in the window?


And don't be worried that someone in Head Office will find out. If you are in danger of even reaching your target then you have to be doing something correct. And managers that do the business do not see their area managers very much at all (they spend all their time with the mangers who are tracking around the 43% mark to target).


And what about different areas like finance. If you have a target of, let's say, 30 online loans to hit in a month and you have done twenty-eight and there's a week remaining then you might have to consider sand-bagging. All online loans will require an application form and personal information, right? Well perhaps, for novelty reasons, you make sure that not all the important documents are taken and you upload something that you predict isn't going to get authorized immediately.


It may sound crazy to encourage the idea of engaging in something to lessen the amount of business we do but consider this: Sand-bagging is directly linked to the obtuseness of the initial targets set and, therefore, you will be behaving absolutely rationally. Hence, be resourceful!