A Great Value for the Budget Minded

The race is on!  A new crop of incoming college freshmen are beginning to flock to the electronics aisle of the big box stores and online storefronts in search of the perfect laptop for their next step in their educational journey.  One laptop,  the Dell XPS 15, may be their best option. One reason to consider the Dell XPS 15 is because of its price being incredibly fair for those parents who truly know the value of a dollar. Another reason is the performance achieved, allowing students to multitask through papers and run those demanding programs that are needed at the college level. A third reason would be its compatibility, for with the majority of people running on the windows operating system and its respective programs, there is less of precious study time spent on converting this, that, or the other thing! With the right price, the power to do some serious work, and the compatibility to play well with others, this very well could be the laptop meant for you.


The price of this laptop, the XPS 15 by Dell, is only $899.99. Let us compare that to the price tag of an Apple laptop that is similar in features, the MacBook Pro, which costs a whopping $2,199.00. This is a wallet tearing difference of over a thousand dollars! With the cost of tuition, and room and board in the near future it would be unwise to spend that extra money for nothing.


Being able to run just about any program at blazing fast speeds, the XPS 15 is a powerhouse when it comes to performance. For one, it is carrying Intel’s second generation sand-bridge processor with Turbo Boost, allowing everything to run as smoother than ever. Second, this laptop is equipped with 6 gigabytes of memory, allowing it to multitask like a champion. Furthermore, even those who have saved every document that they have ever written can keep on saving, for with a 640 gigabyte hard drive spinning at 7200 revolutions per minute, running out of room is nearly impossible. Though it is important to keep grades up, but a little video gaming once in a while never hurt. That too, will not be a problem for this laptop as it is rocking an nVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with 2 gigabytes of raw power. If you want a machine that can handle any major you can throw at it, the XPS 15 is the choice for you.


Essays, projects, and PowerPoints are all stressful and time consuming to make. It would be a shame to find out that something doesn’t work because you made it on some other guy’s program. With the XPS 15, however, you can spend your worries on more important things because this computer can come preinstalled with the most widely used Microsoft Office products. This computer offers unparalleled compatibility that your college-bound student can rely on.


This XPS 15 is a “steal”, and it is has been made clear as to why after discussing its low price, high performance, and nearly universal compatibility. With your hardworking student craving a computer that can do it all, and your wallet in mind, there should be no argument as to whether or not the Dell XPS 15 is the choice for you.