Now a days you can find all the latest styles of jeans and in addition to the pants you want, you'll also find jean jackets and jean dresses that will take you from the week right into the weekend. Blue jeans and jean clothing items are made to be worn by everyone. You will see everyone from A list celebrities to workers in Corporate America donning jeans in every style. Modern styles in jeans as well as vintage styles are seen on the runway and can now be found in the pants, dresses and jackets of most department stores and even high end boutiques. Places like Metrostyle and GUESS will have the jean look you want in just about every clothing style you can think of.

For the Masses

There was a time when you would only find the working class and children running around in blue jeans. However those days seem so vary far away, as now your wardrobe is not complete without a great pair of jeans. The Denim Revolution started when both women and men desired the comfort and durability that came from work clothes made from denim, incorporated into their everyday attire. Levi's became synonymous with this cool motorcycle riding generation that pushed the envelope of convention. They decided they wouldn't follow protocol when it came to trying to classify people by what they wore on their body and instead opted for comfort. Demand gave way to supply and the makers of denim jeans began to think of new and innovative ways to not only style the jeans, but market them to the masses as well.

The Staple Pant

The five pocket jean therefore became a staple of both young and old, male and female and working class and wealthy. The Hollywood movie industry also did a great service to the Denim Revolution by showcasing stars and celebrities in the jeans that their fans just had to have. It was now cool to wear a pair of jeans out in public, when that was at one time not the case. Now that the five pocket jean was a fashion must makes of denim garments looked for other ways to design the fabric. The Denim shirt thus became just as popular as the denim jeans. You would now see all types of people decked out in denim from head to toe!

Broadening the Jean Horizon

However the fashion world of denim didn't stop there. The style of denim has progressed beyond the five pocket jeans over the years. There are now denim jeans that have no pockets at all, there are jeans that are embellished with expensive stones and gems and for every style that comes out, there's a manufacturer who will make copies of that style for less. It used to be that denim pants were ankle length however now there are denim jeans that are made much shorter and called capris for both men and women. Of course there are also actual shorts made of denim as well. For women we can't leave out the comfortable dresses that designers have crafted of denim, as these have taken the revolution to another level; allowing women to wear the comfortable fabric to outings and special events. We must not forget the ever popular denim jacket in this revolution as both men and women can chill out in comfort with this staple. It's always interesting to see what designers will come up with next when it comes to the Denim Revolution.