Anita's Near Death Experience In Detail

What is so special about Anita Moorjani and her NDE? Why did Dr. Jeffrey Long, owner of a well respected near death website and author of an important book on the subject, a man who has heard and/or read, quite literally, thousands of NDE accounts in his day, make the decision to classify her NDE as “exceptional”? 

Well, the fact that once she emerged from her experience well on her way to being totally, 100% healed from what had been deemed terminal cancer (with her body absolutely filled with lemon sized tumors), is one (of several) reasons that Dr. Long deemed her experience so important and, to use his word once again, “exceptional.”

It’s the NDE (a wonderful one in its own right) combined with the total healing (when her doctors had lost all hope that she would ever recover) that make her experience so very special. 

As Anita points out in her many interviews about her personal story, not only did she have cancer, but she initially turned down conventional cancer treatment (chemotherapy) because she’d had loved ones who had not responded well to this kind of treatment and was therefore not terribly keen (to say the least) on the idea of trying such treatment herself. 

Her cancer kept worsening so she tried alternative naturopathic treatments, which did not work. The cancerous tumors (lymphoma) spread from the base of her skull all throughout her body over the course of four years and her organs began shutting down and she developed extremely swollen glands and multiple skin lesions, while losing all muscle mass. Finally, she was so ill that she fell into a coma.

On February 2, 2006, she was dosed with a significant amount of morphine to kill the unbelievable pain and she did not awaken the following day. She had been being treated at home, but when she slipped into a coma, she was brought to the hospital, where the doctors warned her family she was on the brink of death and to gather her loved ones to say their goodbyes. 

During her coma and near death experience, she learned many fundamental spiritual truths and lessons that she now passes on as messages to the rest of us here on earth. During her coma, she had full awareness and could overhear her doctors speaking about her. She was also pain-free and she was feeling very liberated and happy. She was in fact “in spirit.” 

Besides being pain-free and feeling light and free, she also gained awareness of her family’s heartache, though that was hard for her to comprehend because she was feeling so light and good and free. Her brother was in the air coming to see her, as her awareness just expanded and expanded and she became one with everyone she loved (her husband and her brother). As she reports, she could actually feel what her loved ones were feeling, more than just feeling empathy for what they were feeling, but actually feeling what they were feeling, as if she was inside of them. 

However, once she would feel those feelings and become attached to those feelings, she would at the same time start to feel detached and the feelings of attachment would fade and become replaced by unconditional love. So she would feel herself getting drawn in/attached to the feelings of what her loved ones were experiencing, but then she would get pulled back by the feeling of unconditional love. And in her words, she sensed that “Whatever was unfolding it was still going to be perfect in the grand tapestry.” It was as if she became those she loved. “When we are not in our bodies, we are all one.” She became one with whatever she happened to be focusing on in any given moment. 

So, she was aware of what was going on in the hospital room, and in her brother’s mind on his flight to come see her, and also in the hallway of the hospital. It all felt like it was happening all at once, she reports in all of her interviews, not in any kind of linear or sequential order. (Time and space are part of the illusion of this world; they are not necessary and play no role in the afterlife.) 

Her tests had been taken, and she knew that the test results rested upon whatever choice she made while in spirit in her coma. That is, if she had made the choice to stay in the afterlife or spirit world or the other realm (Anita’s term for it), her tests would have reflected total organ failure. If she came back, as she did end up doing, the tests would indicate that she was regaining her health. 

She sensed her father who had passed a decade earlier. She felt she “became one” with him. (Their communication was so deep and so immediate.) He communicated with her that this was not her time, though the choice to stay or go was ultimately hers. Being one with her father was amazing. He had not witnessed her wedding, and he was a traditional Hindu, which had caused them to clash from time to time, because she was more modern and he was more traditional (and had wanted her to have an arranged marriage, for example). However, in this other realm, he just loved her unconditionally, pure, raw emotion emanated from his being. This caused her to understand that his love for her had always been unconditional, but had been filtered through the limitations of physical life (cultural beliefs, traditions, etc.) She could feel his essence, an emotional embrace. It is hard for her to explain. In spirit, she was not contained in any way, and nor was he, which enabled her to “be anywhere.” She could be equally aware of her brother and husband (here on earth) and her dad (in spirit) all at once. She feels like “another sense kicked in” for her to be able to experience in the spiritual realm. The feeling of oneness did not just exist with people, but also with every animal, every plant, every being everywhere. 

After being given the choice to return or stay, she worried that if she were to return to her terrible sick body, she would only be a burden to those she loved. However, at the same time, she learned the reason for her cancer, namely, that she had not ever been fully in touch with her true, authentic self. 

She also felt surrounded (and unconditionally loved and affirmed) by several loving spiritual beings (most of which she did not recognize) though the group did include her best friend (who had also passed from cancer). Notably, she felt surrounded and deeply interconnected with these spiritual essences all at once. 

She experienced deep clarity that she had never adequately loved herself and had always lived in fear (of cancer, of illness, of death) and had always been trying to fit in and please other people and satisfy their expectations of her, rather than focusing on pleasing and loving herself. She had picked up the fears, she believes, from her cultural conditioning and all the cancer awareness campaigns. She learned that the fear had caused her cancer. She also learned that we are amazing magnificent beings here to express our own unique selves. All we have to do – our only soul purpose – is to be true to ourselves and our own wishes. We ought not try to please everyone else. We need to follow our own emotions (our own bliss as Joseph Campbell says). We need to check in with our own feelings to see how we feel. She had previously thought it was selfish to focus on herself in this way. But you can’t love other people unless you love yourself first, because you do not have any love to give others. “Now that you know the truth of who you are your body will reflect this truth and you will be healed.” Her illness had started energetically and had then manifested physically. All of us need to be true to who we really are and allow ourselves to express our personal truths, and true to our own spiritual essences, and at our cores we are love.

When she came out of the coma, her husband and brother were (obviously) thrilled beyond words. Her doctor (whom she had never met) welcomed her back from her coma, and she greeted him by name (Dr. Chan), which shocked him because she had always been unconscious the whole time he had been working with her. Only then did she understand she had been in a coma. She was still very confused at this point, as she kind of still had one foot in the spirit world. She learned then of a conversation about her situation that she had overheard, but had taken place out in the hallway. (Of course, her spirit had expanded at that point enough to encounter this conversation.) She healed very, very, very fast (within a matter of days). The tumors reduced very, very rapidly and she felt better and better and better with each passing day, until the tumors were completely undetectable. It was a true miracle, by any conceivable standard.

She tells us to "remember our magnificence" and that we have the power within us to "create heaven right here on earth." If you want to change, if you are not satisfied with your life as it is right now, or if you feel you have spent too much time focusing on pleasing others rather than listening to your own inner voice and pleasing yourself, know that you do not need to experience an NDE like Anita’s to start enjoying your life more. You can simply take the messages that she is bringing to all of us, digest them and mull them over, and then put them to work in your own life. You have the ability to do this right now, to commune with your own spiritual essence, to feel at one with the rest of the world, to feel deeply loved and in turn to feel totally loving, and to honor and express your authentic self. 

She also learned that she and her husband were totally linked at the soul level and that if she were to make her transition now, he would follow shortly. (Think of Johnny Cash and his wife and how closely together they died.) 

She also understood, however, that either choice would have been just fine “in the greater scheme of things.” That is, she did not return to earth just for his sake because the connection she shares with him is unbreakable and unlimited and not constrained by the rules of physical life (time and space). Indeed, after she healed completely, her husband (who had been utterly absorbed in getting her well), agreed with her that if she had died, he feels he would have died very quickly, as caring for her had become his purpose and if she had in fact died, he would have felt purposeless, and therefore ready to die.

Regret, shame, guilt and other negative emotions do not exist in the other realm, according to Anita. While comatose, Anita reports that her medical team did finally try some chemotherapy as a last resort, a sort of desperate measure, even though she was incredibly weak and her organs were shutting down and therefore really not up to the task of processing the toxic chemo treatments. But doctors who studied her chart afterward did not attribute her healing to the chemo (even though one of the doctors did). After she emerged from her coma, her doctors put her through many tests that she knew were not needed, but now she has all these incredible test results that show that her healing was a miraculous, rapid and complete one indeed.