If there were a game that is famously made by Electronic Arts, it would be The Sims series. The game has already reached its 3rd installment and it is one of the most popular interactive games today. The development of the game was announced last March 19, 2008 and was declared that it would be the sequel to the previous Sims 1 and 2 games. Sims 3 was first shown in July of 2008 and fans were given a sneak peak of the Sims neighborhood through Electronic Art’s official website. The preview was in a form of a video that shows screenshots of the game environment and of the Create-a-Sim process. However, of the pictures published, four of them were taken down because they were not given proper release approval.

Other games produced by the company are sold with fliers advertising the upcoming Sims 3 game. Two trailers were released to the public in October 2008. One of these videos shows a version of the 2008 US presidential election. It featured four of the top running candidates namely Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

The advertisement of the game even reached the television when it first showed a more decent preview of the game a year later. This was aired in one of the CW Series, “One Tree Hill” where the episode started out with a Sims simulation and then slowly transitioning to real life characters. The characters that appeared as Sims were Dan, played by Paul Johansson, Lucas played by Chad Michael Murray and Peyton played by Hilarie Burton.

By April 2009, a promotional disc was released in the market by Target. The disc included a copy of the official theme song of Sims 3 and a $5 coupon. In the disc, you can find a screen saver download, several videos, Create-a-Sim and Create-a-House interface and many others. The promotional disk does not include the actual game. But it showed to gamers what the game would actually be like.

In May 8, 2009, the Sims 3 officially went gold, meaning it has finished its Beta testing stage and is undergoing manufacturing. After the process, the release will follow. Incredibly, this was one month ahead of the originally planned release date. Electronic Arts officially released an online teaser with SimsSocial seven days later. This allowed players to create their Sim characters online. In June 2, 2009, Sims was finally made available in the market. An astounding $1.4 million copies of the game were sold during the first week. This has been reported as the most popular launch of the company ever since. The Editor’s Choice badge dubbed Sims 3 as the best Sims game ever made.

Nowadays, gamers who would want to experience this new game can have easy access through downloads. A lot of websites allow Sims 3 downloads for free. Torrent sites, for example, is one of the popular sources. You can try searching keywords through Google and a lot of options will be displayed. When you have already downloaded the game, all you have to do is to install it and you should be ready to indulge in the Sims world.