Diamond Heart Necklace(59772)

The Greek term for the diamond is adamas, linked to indestructibility and resilience. In ancient days when the Gods cried, their tears crystallized and were perpetually transformed as diamonds to assist mankind in achieving a long life, good health and well-being.

It’s no wonder that eventually, the diamond became the standard gem to symbolize the longevity of marriage.  The appealing combination of stunning beauty and durability has made the diamond the most beloved gem in the world.

Types of Birthstone Jewelry for a Diamond

As most everybody is aware, the diamond is the birthstone of April and also the sign of Aries, which falls between March and April. Additionally it is the exclusive gem of the 10th and 60th wedding anniversaries.

There are many varieties of diamond birthstone jewelry which might be appropriate to put on for any occasion and are usually not romantically related. If the expense has you worried, know that there are plenty of affordable selections that are in the few-hundred-dollars range.  

A few suggestions are:  A lovely diamond heart necklace, a peace sign or cross pendant, a diamond solitaire pendant or a pair of sparkling diamond studded earrings.  One of these simple, but dazzling birthstone jewelry pieces would be a much treasured present for a girl or woman of any age.

For men younger and older, a cross pendent with small diamonds, or a diamond studded earring could be just the thing for an unusual and remarkable birthday gift. Cross pendants in particular come in many different styles and more masculine-looking choices can be found.

What is the Best Type of Diamond to Buy?

Diamonds are valued by the type of cut and the grade of clarity and color - the more colorless, the more valuable.  The presence of flaws or lack of, will also determine value.  Very high quality diamonds are fairly uncommon and would be available only to the richest of the population.  Naturally, the carat-weight will factor in as well.

Experts recommend purchasing smaller diamonds of higher quality versus a larger diamond of inferior quality. The smaller diamond will be more inexpensive and will hold its worth over time.

A diamond heart necklace, diamond studded earring or other birthstone gift is bound to be a well-enjoyed wardrobe accessory for a lifetime, and then later on as an heirloom for future family members.  The setting might need to be replaced at some point, but the diamond itself will last forever.