Dogs Or Cats?

Do cats make better pets than dogs or do dogs make better pets than cats? 

It’s a tough question and both have good points and bad points.  It will largely come down to personal preference, but I think we need to consider the general personality traits that both exhibit.

1.      A dog is always going to be happy to see you.  It won’t matter for how long you have been away; the dog will go as nuts when you return from a 5 minute absence as it will when you come home after a two week vacation.

A cat might meow a bit when you get home, rub up against your leg for a minute and that’ll be it.  It will go back to sleep or make those stupid mewling noises until you feed it.  

2.      A dog will sit there and let you pat it until YOU get tired of it.

A cat will put up with petting only for as long as it wants, then it will stroll off or give you a friendly swipe; just to let you know it’s had enough.

3.      A dog is likely to be everyone’s best friend.  It will quite happily follow any member of the family anywhere.

A cat will often take a liking to particular family member and to hell with everyone else.  It will only sit on this members lap or bed and look out if anyone else tries to pick it up.

4.      A dog will poop or pee wherever it feels the need.

A cat is very secretive and hates anyone watching.  Cats also have a horribly strained expression on their face whilst conducting their business.  If you have an indoor cat, then it will fill its litter box at the most inconvenient time, usually just after you have cleaned it.

5.      A dog (a real dog anyway) will eat just about anything you put in front of it.

A cat will often require specialist meals that are sold in those ridiculously small and decorative cans containing some evil smelling, but expensive, cat food.

6.      You can take a dog for a walk.

Try and walk your cat.

7.      If a dog gets dirty, you hose it down or wash it in the wheelbarrow with plenty of warm water and doggy shampoo.

Cats hate water, so they lick themselves to keep clean.  Gross.

8.      After a dog has eaten, it will sometimes have a “funny five minutes” where it’ll tear around the back yard for a few minutes.

A cat will go nuts and take running jumps and then onto your screen door, before falling to the floor and then scurrying up your drapes or curtains.

9.      Most dogs are quite happy to live in the backyard.  A kennel, water, food and the occasional walk and there will be no problems.

A cat can’t make up its bloody mind.  One minute it’ll want to come in, and then it’ll want to go out.  When you let it out, it’ll stop, sit down, lick itself a bit and then decide it wants to come back in again.  If you have an indoor cat, it will lay claim to the most comfortable chair in the house and the most comfortable bed.

10.  A dog will wait patiently for its food.

A cat will meow constantly and, if you don’t feed it, it will start to scratch your lounge chair or swing on your curtains.

I have been both a dog and a cat owner for a number of years.  The above points are generalisations of course, but having considered them, I really can’t see why anyone would have a cat.

Then I look over at the large, fluffy red-haired thing curled up on the couch next to me and think “they’re not that bad”….