Starting your own website with domain registration and hosting

You've got a great idea for a website that will attract lots of visitors, and you already have plans for what it will look like and how it will be organized.  The problem is, you've never done this before and don't know where to start.   Don't worry- there are lots of people in the exact same boat.  We're not born knowing how to publish our websites on the Internet, and luckily the information isn't too hard to understand. 

This article will explain the ground basics for building your own website, namely choosing a domain name and finding a website host.


The Internet is literally millions of computers linked with each other, speaking a certain kind of language that they all understand.  This language is mostly numbers, since computers work best with binary information.   To tell each other where to look for different information on the Internet, computers use numbers for addresses.  This means instead of '' a computer will see it as a string of numbers:

Luckily, we can type words instead of numbers to communicate with each other. The names we assign to different address numbers are the 'domains,' so a 'domain name' simply means the name for a website.  These are so much easier to work with and remember than the numbers the computers see.

When building your own website, you will need to choose your own domain name, like - and then you will need to register it with a domain registration service.  These companies will reserve your chosen domain name for your own personal use, usually for a monthly fee.


Reserving your address, however, is only part of the story.  Your address will only remain an empty building lot until you start sending it materials.  This is where website hosting comes into play.  Once you have your website domain, you must then sign up for a web hosting service to hold all of your files, pictures, documents, in short whatever it is you want to put on your website. These companies will do the dirty work of holding all of the data you need for your website's content.  When one of your visitors types in your domain name, this company will immediately send their computer all of the files for your homepage, or whichever page they have requested.

So the domain name is only half of your journey to starting your own website.  You also need to purchase someone's services to hold all of your website's materials.  These companies also charge by the month, depending on the kind of service you need.

Some Considerations: Domain vs Hosting Together

Nowadays, it is frequent for one and the same company to provide both domain registration and website hosting.   This makes it convenient as you only need to make one payment per month.

However, different companies have different strengths, so research your options carefully before settling on a service  provider.  Some provide extra storage space, some give faster loading times to your viewers, and some are cheap and simple.  Choose carefully, depending on the needs of your own website project.

Good luck building your own website!