Everybody seems to want tons of likes on their Facebook page these days, and by everybody I mean every business owner who has an online presence, anyone who owns a website or blog, or TV show. 

Anyone who is anyone, musicians, artists, celebrities, and small business owners want to look popular on their Facebook page, just in case anyone checks them out through the site. 

The reason is obvious, Facebook is pretty much the biggest site in the world, or it gets almost as many daily visits as Google, but people stay about ten times longer on the site. 

With all of these people trying to get likes on their page, there is a huge market for selling likes to either increase the numbers, increase the search rankings, or to improve engagement, and get customers. 

There are many different types of likes, based on how you got the people, (if they are actually people) to like the page. 

In order of value to the page owner, the first level of likes is the targeted like, which is one gained from someone who actually did like the page, because they were interested in the content. 

You can get these from a Facebook Ads campaign, if the ad is relevant and encourages clicks from the right sort of people. 

You can also get a targeted like from your website, from a You Tube video, article, blog post, etc. Somebody could find you in a search, if your Facebook page is ranking for a phrase with good exact match search volume on either Google, or even in a Facebook search. 

The value of a targeted like is approximately a dollar, but it varies a lot depending on what the product is, the profit margins, etc, but that's what Facebook assumes it's worth, or they actually ask you for more than that usually, from their ads.

Random And Fake Likes On Facebook 

A random like is a like that is from a random person, who likes the page to get something in return, such as likes on their own page, or points on a social swapping site, which are good for the same thing, likes, followers, You Tube views etc. 

The value of a random like is somewhere around five cents, give or take, some people charge more, some people charge less, but due to the way you have to get them, you cannot charge much less than that for a legitimate random Facebook like. 

A fake like on the other hand, is just done by computer generated accounts, and the price of these could go down to as low as someone is willing to sell them to you for. 

The value of a fake like is simply in the social proof that it provides, by having large numbers of likes on your page. 

That's the only benefit, although there may also be some SEO benefit if the title of your page is aimed at a popular search. 

So that's it, the question is, should you aim to get targeted, random, or fake likes? Obviously it's better if you can get real Facebook likes, but it's not necessary for the social proof and SEO aspects, the difference is in people actually being able to see what you post in their news feeds, and whether it's relevant to them. 



Fake Facebook Page Likes
Credit: Renae Smith