Appearance is sometimes considered the main difference between a tempered and frosted glass desk top. There is however, an even more significant difference between the two types of glass tops. Each type is also produced by two completely different processes. Frosted glass is produced when a piece of clear glass is etched with acid, or sandblasted. The result is a piece of glass that is opaque but still translucent. The blurred glass allows light to pass through but it prevents you from seeing what is on the other side. Tempered glass is created by a process of extreme heating of a glass material that is then followed by a rapid cooling stage. The end result is a glass that is much more durable and harder than normal glass.

Frosted glass desk tops are considered to be more of a decorative option in desk tops. The beautiful frosty or cloudy surface adds an element of elegance and beauty to any office space. Frosted glass can also be introduced in the form of decorative glass desk accessories like lamps, stationary, and picture frames. The overall look is considered to be very modern in office space design. Frosted glass office items can be found online or at office supply stores. The cost of frosted glass is going to be higher than other accessory materials because of the products extreme versatility. The beautiful glass can work well with any type of office décor and it can also be used as an accent on many different types of office desk materials.

Tempered glass desk tops are seen as the more durable choice in desk tops. A tempered glass surface is ideal because it will last a long time and it is safer than regular glass. The tempering process of the glass makes the material very brittle so if a tempered glass desk top were to break, the glass would end up shattering into many tiny pieces or pebbles of glass rather than various sizes with very sharp edges. Another great quality of tempered glass is that it is also heat resistant. Most of the glass found in an office space is usually tempered including desk tops, windows, space dividers, and doors because of their fire resistant nature. The durability of the material and its unique qualities mean that you will probably also have to pay more for this type of desk top.

Tempered and Frosted glass desk tops can be purchased at office supplies stores or furniture stores that carry office furniture. If the description of a desk does not specify the type of glass top a desk contains, it is highly recommended that you ask a sales person or attendant. When faced with a choice between the two different types of glass, go with the tempered glass top because it is safer and more durable especially if both are priced the same.