It can be difficult to know what the difference are between mountain bike tires (or tyres as some people spell it) and road bike tires.
Some people confuse the two different types of tires and they end up buying the wrong type of tires for their bicycle. One week later they wonder why they crashed or why they lost that bike race.

Both mountain bike tires and road bike tires got their strength and weaknesses and the two are good for different situations.
As you may understand, getting mountain bike tires would be better if you were looking to get down and dirty out in the nature.
Getting road bike tires would be better if you wanted to go faster out on the open road or in the city.

Obviously road bikes and mountain bikes are two different types of bikes but if you don't want to buy an entire new bike just because you want to ride in a different environment for a change, then just getting a couple of new tires would be a good idea.

Here are the major differences between mountain bike tires and road bike tires:

Mountain bike tires are wider than road bike tires. Road bike tires don't need to be very wide in order to get a good grip on roads made out of asphalt, etc. while the wider mountain bike tires definitely works great on dirt and rocky surfaces.

The rubber on mountain bike tires is usually a lot thicker than what it is on road bike tires. This makes the mountain bike tires more able to withstand pressure and bumpy rides compared to the much thinner road bike tires.

Mountain bike tires usually have a lot more nubby rubber on the outer surface of the tire to increase the friction between the tire and the ground. This really helps with the stability and it really increases the grip of the tires.
Road bike tires are usually much smoother so that when the biker is riding on a road or street it will go smoother, faster and with less friction. That in turn will make the ride much less energy draining for the bicycle rider.

These are the main differences between mountain bike tires and road bike tires.

Both these types of tires should be offered for sale in your local biking store but another great way to get hold of the type of tire that you want is to check online stores.
By visiting online stores you will be able to read plenty of reviews and you can even visit online biking forums to get more information and help from more experienced bikers.

Almost all online stores offer to deliver your products straight to your doorstep and sometimes you can find amazing prices for bike tires but also for other biking related products such as helmets, gear, clothing and spare parts.

To find online bike stores you can either do a search using a search engine or if you're already a regular visitor of bicycling websites, then you can have a look around to see if they promote and products or you can look for advertisements.