If you have been working in the article submitting business for a while, or you have only just gotten your first taste, then you know that most sites utilize a performance system for payment. This is an entirely fair arrangement when you think about it, but some sites do seem a bit more 'fair' in their payment schemes than others.

The sites I will discuss herein briefly are Ehow, Associated Content, and Infobarrel. Between these three sites are several differing business models that somehow are all based on the same thing. The monetization of web traffic pays the bills, so to speak.

Ehow was a site, for me, that had me truly interested in free form article writing again. I have gotten away from that in recent months due to working at Textbroker as a freelance author. The capacity to get paid per article was a great deal more lucrative immediately than waiting around in the hopes that someone would view my work on another site and I would make a few pennies.

With Ehow I originally planned to write at least two articles a day, every day. Unfortunately this would-be love affair will never occur. The site is far too bug-ridden for me. I simply can not submit anything there without receiving some form of error message. Worse still, I may have accidentally deleted someone elses work!

I attempted to edit a partial draft of my one article on that site and it threw up and entirely different article in draft mode. Unfortunately, I can not work in such an environment. This was made especially true by the slow turn around on staff contact with me.

Do not misunderstand me, however. I am entirely certain that Ehow works very well for some people. I've heard stories of some that actually earn a standard living off of residuals from people viewing their articles there.

Associated Content has always been one of my favorite places on the net to publish free form articles. The system works well for submission and they used to readily accept submissions for upfront payment. While they certainly still pay for articles on an upfront basis, they accept far fewer now than they did in the past.

Their performance payout method is fairly solid as well. You are told upfront that you are paid per thousand unique page views per day. I never made a fortune from page views, but back when they purchased articles upfront on a heavier scale the site was my favorite place to be.

While i'm sure they make a killing compared to what they pay the writing community, there was no hidden agenda and they always answered my questions rapidly. Comparing Associated content to Ehow is similar to comparing a drunken monkey chef to a master of the culinary arts that has retired and only works on a short term basis.

The thing I enjoyed the most about Associated content, however, was that they readily accept any kind of articles. This includes an entire section devoted to fiction writing and poetry.

Now, we come to Infobarrel. The very site this article is written upon.

I am new to this site, but so far it has proven to be far better than Ehow. This is true for several reasons other than that I can actually submit my articles.

First, Infobarrel actually answers questions you put to the staff! I was shocked to find that my last information request was answered the very next day.

The community here at Inforbarrel seems to be quite friendly and writing inclined. The submission process helps to maintain a higher quality of article than some sites. Further, I enjoy the actual method of submitting.

The writing functions work quite well, and do not have the annoying qualities exhibited in several other sites.

In time I hope to discover all the interesting facets of Infobarrel life. Who knows I might just leave Associated Content all together if the good people here actually open a fiction and poetry section.