The other name for bad breath is halitosis, a condition that comes as a result of the presence of bacteria that produce sulphur. They usually inhabit the throat and the underside of the tongue. Production of sulphur comes from volatile sulphur compounds (VSC). This results from the fast and unprecedented break down of proteins at the back of the throat and tongue by the said bacteria. Effective halitosis treatment will depend on its underlying cause. Dental infections, dry mouth, smoking as well as sinus or nasal infections will all lead to bad breath. The good news is that bad breath is not infectious despite the fact that approximately 2.4 percent of the American adult population suffer from this condition according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

Periodontal infections such as periodontitis and poor hygiene practices especially with regard to the oral cavity are the two leading dental factors behind the bad breath problem. Another common cause of the bad breath phenomena is a dry mouth, which may be caused by stress, alcohol, certain medications and medical conditions. Bad breath treatment may include anything from quitting smoking, which has been found to deprive the mouth of the much needed oxygen to the use of mouthwashes and nasal sprays. However, as mentioned previously, the efficacy of these treatments will depend to a large extent on the underlying cause of your bad breath condition.

There are some causes of halitosis, which are little known despite their contribution to one of the most embarrassing health conditions in the world. They include:

• Foods such as cauliflower, garlic and onions, which induce short-lived bad breath effects

• Kidney failure

• Post-nasal discharge such as that caused by chronic sinusitis

• Acid and bile reflux

Bad breath symptoms are many and varied. They include:

• An unsightly buildup of plaque around the teeth

• Dry mouth

• A tongue that is coated with a white substance

• Post-nasal drip

• Constant, never ending sour taste that can also take the form of a bitter metallic after taste

• Thick saliva and the need to constantly clear the throat

• A burning tongue accompanied by a foul morning breath

Bad breath has been found to be behind low self-esteem and loss of confidence in majority of people who suffer from it. This is a major impact on the patient’s social life since they gradually lose the ability to communicate with other members of the society. Bad breath treatment can be considered to be a multipronged approach. Some of the most important steps towards the management of this condition include the maintenance of a good oral health regimen and the consumption of the recommended eight glasses of water daily for hydration purposes. Mouthwashes from reputable companies such as Scope have also been found to be quite effective in the fight against bad breath. Some of the most popular scope mouthwash flavors include scope outlast mouthwash (long lasting peppermint and long lasting mint), Scope outlast Minibrush, Breath mist, Breath mist Icy Mint, Scope White Mouthwash Mint Splash and Scope Mouthwash Original mint.

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