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Slimming tea is probably the most popular herbal infusions sold in today's market. But, did you know that there are different kinds of tea that can give a slimming or weight loss effect?

Although most herbal infusions sold today are either composed of two or more plants, knowing the different types and effects of slimming tea can help you opt for the best product. Plus, there are several herbal infusions that work wonders even if it is only composed of a single plant or herb. Opting for these kinds of products will lead to lesser side-effects. With that said, here are the different types of tea you can include in your weight or fat loss programs.

A. Laxative

Laxative is probably one of the most common effects of slimming tea found in every supermarket or health food stores. But, what exactly does this specific effect do to your body?

A stimulant laxative like herbal infusions containing senna induces defecation. This occurs by initiating and invigorating contractions in your colon. For that reason, abdominal cramps are felt when taking laxatives among other undesirable effects such as diarrhea and dehydration.

One should keep in mind that precautions should always be done when using these kinds of slimming products. Furthermore, this type of weight loss supplement should only be used in severe cases of constipation. This is primarily because it has addictive effects. Meaning, if one continuously use this herbal infusion, their body will eventually need these kinds of substances in order for it to eliminate or defecate. 

With that being said, other examples of plants and products that can give laxative effects are castor oilcarscara, buckthorn, barberry and yellow dock

B. Stimulating Agent

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The stimulating effects of herbal infusions may vary depending on the amount and the plant used.  Green tea for example can increase your metabolic rate. This effect makes you more active. hence you can burn more calories. As a side-effect, It can also suppress your appetite.

Basically, almost all products with stimulating effects can suppress one’s appetite when taken in large amounts. The problem is you will also experience other side-effects such as an increase in blood pressure, insomnia and sometimes agitation. Hence, relying on the stimulating effects of slimming tea to lose weight is quite unhealthy.

For that reason, you should only drink the recommended cups or dosage per day. It would vary depending on the type of tea. But, it is typically indicated on the tea’s package label. Other herbal infusions that have this specific effect are Brazilian tea, white willow bark and ginseng.

C. Diuretic

Last in the list of the different types and effects of slimming tea is the diuretic effect. Herbal infusion products that contain caffeine like green tea are the perfect examples of this.

Basically, diuretics don’t help you lose weight in a long-term basis since it will only affect your water weight. Hence, infusions that have this specific effect are not really effective for weight loss. However, most slimming tea products available today have this effect. For that reason, it is strongly recommended to drink plenty of water or electrolyte drinks when drinking infusions that bring forth both laxative and diuretic effects.


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Clearly, opting for herbal infusions that act as stimulating agent is the best option you can take if you want to lose weight the healthy way. However, always remember that drinking these kinds of weight loss supplements alone will not give significant results. Some may not even work depending on your diet, lifestyle and fitness program.

If you really want to lose weight, look for an ideal weight loss program. One that allows you to eat enough calories and burn calories during the process. Furthermore, don't forget to pick a diet and program that you can follow or do for a long time. Weight loss may seem like a short-term goal, but the process can take some time. Patience and motivation will certainly help you reach your fitness goals. 

As for slimming teas, you can use these kinds of products as an aid to your fitness program. But, moderation is strongly advised. 

This article entitled, "Common Alternatives for Laxative Slimming Tea" may give you more information. For more weight loss tips, you can watch the video below. 

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