When it comes to entertaining guests at your home for dinner parties, it makes a very big difference if you have the right types of glasses for the beverages you will be drinking. Although many people simply use wineglasses for everything, this definitely isn't the best choice for things like cordials. The problem is that wineglasses are usually way too big for drinks that are only meant to be consumed in small quantities. Here is a guide to the different types of cordial glasses, which will work great for any after dinner drink like brandy or liquor.

The main difference between a glass meant for a cordial, or after dinner drink is the size of the reservoir. colored Cordial GlassesThese types of drinks are meant to be consumed in very small quantities, so most of the glasses that hold them are actually very small. They look pretty much like a shot glass, and many of them hold a similar quantity of liquid, but have a longer neck and fancier design. The amount that the glass will hold varies from about 1 1/2 ounces to 4 ounces. One of the most popular designs are crystal glasses. They can be tall, thin or short, but crystal glasses are usually a beautiful choice however they are made. One reason why many people choose short, stemless cordial glasses is because they can chill them in the mini bar fridge before serving them.

Despite the popularity of crystal, many people choose to go with more creative designs. These days, artisan glassblowers are located in most towns throughout the world. Some of them focus on glasses like this, and produce stunningly beautiful artwork. Although it might cost you around $50, it is usually well worth it to have a beautiful, handmade cordial glass set that will make guests envious. In addition, handmade cordial glasses have the advantage of not being mass-produced. This means that other people are likely to have never seen yours before.

When you're shopping for your new glasses, it is often best to look on the Internet for pictures to get a good idea of what is available. If you only go to your local store and choose from what they have, you might settle on a design that you are not completely happy with. One quick look online, and you are sure to find lots of unique and beautiful cordial glasses that you have never seen before. Although you might be a bit hesitant to order these glasses from the Internet because they're so fragile, companies that send them are used to this. In most cases, they will pack them very well and even replace them if they get damaged in transit.