Fishing Reel (23145)

There are several different kinds of fishing reels that perform better depending on the situation. As an expert fisherman or even a fishing enthusiast it is important to understand the significance of each of the different types of reels. You should know when to use which so that you can use the right one when the time arises. The reels provide a number of different benefits most of which I am about to go over.

Among all of the many fishing reels out there are three different styles that are most popular, and the most useful. Spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and spin cast reels are the three most popular kinds out there. These are the fishing reels you are most likely to find in stores and the ones that should be in your boat.

Spin cast reels also known as close faced reels are the best for novices. They are the easiest to use, not much can go wrong with them, and they happen to be the cheapest type of reel. There are a few downsides to this style of reel though. They cannot hold as much line as some of the other reels can. The drag system on these reels also cannot be relied on.

Spinning reels hang below the fishing pole and they can hold different size spools of line. They are more expensive than the spin cast variety and they are harder to use but they achieve better results and you can cast them more accurately. Spinning reels are really good for light lures.

Baitcasting reels sit on top of fishing poles. They are the most expensive type of reel, the most difficult to learn to use and the best for catching all different kinds of fish. When casting these reels you have to put your thumb on the spool of fishing line before your line reaches the water. This feature is useful for controlling where the line lands, it is also challenging because if you wait too long the line will get all tangled and you will have a real mess to clean up.

Learning the different styles of fishing reels is a good idea for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures and fishes quite frequently. After you know about the different types you can choose the one that will fit your style the best.