A compactor is a machine used extensively in the process of waste management. It collects the garbage or waste matter and then, going by its nomenclature, compacts down the collection to as small a size as possible. Different builds and designs of compactors are used for different purposes, for example, a trash compactor finds itself useful in homes, offices, and schools for the collection of disposed off trash, and car crushers are heavy compactors used for gathering junk that forms as a result of crushing a car.

Owing to their ability to compile waste material quickly and efficiently, compactors have found extensive use in both residential and industrial areas. Some basic types of compactors that are used around us are:

Plate Compactor

A strikingly similar object to a plate compactor is the lawn mower. Just like a lawn mower is fitted with a leveling device to even out the grass, a plate compactor has a flat plate on its base, meant to smooth the ground. Flattening the land is done in a vibratory or a somewhat pounding manner by the plate compactor. Widely used for preparing land before building is commenced or for landscaping purposes, plate compactors are also useful for minor domestic work. You can buy one or rent it on daily basis. Certain huge plate compactors that are able to exert tremendous pressure are used for making pavements for walking and driving.

Trash Compactor

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Trash compactor is a revolutionary machine used to compress large chunks of waste to a small volume. Disposal and recycling of trash was never this easy as it is now with trash compactors. They are manufactured in different sizes suitable for the needs of homes as well as commercial organizations. Not only does a trash compactor significantly reduce the amount of space needed to store waste, but also aid in the recycling process. Besides, when volume of waste is tiny due to the enormous amount of compression brought out by the compactor, you need lesser trips to the dumping ground, saving on a lot of time and labor costs as well.

Roll-off Compactor
roll off compactor
A roll-off compactor has similar uses as a trash compactor, except that it is used when the waste material in question is excessively moist or wet. Biological waste falls in this category.

Stationary Compactor
stationary compactor
Stationary compactors carry on the process of compaction in a detachable container. It is mainly used for the compression and subsequent disposal of dry waste like papers, cardboards, etc. Operation on a stationary compactor is pretty simple and so it finds widespread application in the industry.

Pre-Crushers Compactor
pre-crusher compactor
Pre-crushers compactor is a high pressure exerting compactor that is used to crush down large items like electronics, furniture, and pallets to a reasonable volume before it goes into the container for further compression. The compacting power of pre-crushers compactor is double that of an ordinary compactor.

Transfer Station Compactor
Transfer Station Compactor
Transfer station compactor is one that has a transfer vehicle that attaches itself to the compression container in order to carry the compact waste to the dumpster. These are quite useful in industrial areas where a huge amount of waste is generated daily and needs to be dumped regularly.