The Different Types of Men: Which One are You?

From a simple hunter during ancient times, man has transformed and evolved to different archetypes. Some became farmers, some became warriors, while the cream of the crop went on to become kings of their respective lands. Fast forward to today and we can see that man has further transformed into several types. Today, I'll tell you about the different types of men in our society. Which one of these are you?

The Different Types of Men

1. The Nerd - You have an outstanding brain and solving out-of-this-world equations seems like a no-brainer to you. You tend to spend most of your time studying and playing your favorite game rather than going out and mingling with other people. Women are the least of your worries and unlike most guys who frequently hang out at bars, you're most likely seen with your peers talking about the latest buzz in the field of Physics or Mathematics. Different institutions, both government and private, flock at your doorstep so as to avail of your services. Cars, women, and a nice pad? Nah, You'd rather spend your hard-earned money on online game memorabilias and extremely rare comic books.

2. The Boy Next Door - You are the epitome of young men everywhere. You are both innocent and charming. You tend to get along well with others and you can easily make any girl's heart flutter with your seemingly angelic smile. You possess almost all of the qualities that women are looking for in men and that's why most girls are proud to bring you home to their parents. Who cares about rock-hard abs and a chiseled body if you have the face and characteristics that most women fall over heels for.

3. The Bad Boy - Arrogance and confidence are the two characteristics that define a bad boy. You don't bow down to anyone and it's very hard to gain your respect. You see people around you as mere tools for your success. However despite your cocky nature, women can't seemingly resist you. Night after night, you continue to make them drool over you. You are successful in your chosen field because you submit your work in spot-on perfection. Your boss likes you and your coworkers envy you. Money and fame? Yes, you have it all.

4. The Joker - Making people laugh their assess off is very easy for you to do. You are often seen frequenting the bars where you tend to become the focus of everyone's attention due to your funny antics. Most of your peers wonder about how you are able to maintain your high energy after weeks and weeks of partying. Whenever the mood asks for it, you always manage to turn the tide around and transform a dull party to a night of non-stop craziness with your bag of tricks. Unlike some guys who always get the ladies, you're still bound to your mortal form that's why rejections are still normal to you. However at the end of the day, all that you're after is a good time and that's what matters the most.

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5. The Leader - As the name suggests, you are great at leading your team in both good times and bad. Most people look up to you and wait for your orders. You exude an aura that make most people respect you. When the times are tough, your friends know that they can always count on you whether it's about planning an amazing bachelor's party for one of your buds or making that play that'll make your team win the game. Your buddies also go to you for advice because they know that you always have the solution to their problems. From the smallest things to even the biggest problems, you're always ready to win it.

6. The Jock - You are athletic and you spend most of your time on the the court or in the gym. You are always in touch with the latest sports updates and you frequent the boards discussing about your favorite sports teams. You are very competitive that's why working out is a must for you to maintain your high level of energy. Doing push-ups, curl-ups, and other strenuous activities are walk in the park to you. As proof of that feat, you have your amazing chiseled body to boot.

7. The Narcissist - Every time you take a look in the mirror, you don't have anything but utmost appreciation for your looks. You care about yourself more than anything else in the world. You have a sense of vanity that's higher than Mount Everest. Yes, that's right. Higher than the tallest mountain in the world. You spend a longer time in the dressing room looking at yourself rather than actually picking out clothes to buy. Most people think that you're weird and to be honest, I think so too. You tend to be selfish and greedy. Two attributes that won't help you in life.

8. The Playboy - This is the type of man that most men desire to become. Getting girls is a walk in the park for playboys and if you belong to this type, then congratulations because most men are envious of you. You are naturally gifted with great looks and with that comes your overwhelming confidence. We all know that being overconfident makes you look bad however you are gifted with a different type of overconfidence. One that makes you look even better to the eyes of people around you. Every time you go out, there's a high chance that you'll get a girl's phone number without even trying. Your idea of a fun time is hanging out in bars with your friends and then going home with a girl you just met. You live in the moment and that's what separates you from the rest of your buddies.