Converting the Dining Area Into Another Room

Should You Keep Your Dining Room?

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How important is your dining room to your lifestyle?  Should you keep your dining room or convert it to another room instead? Here are some tips to help you decide.

One way to help you determine if you really need your dining room is to ask yourself how often you use it. When your answer is three times a year or less, are you certain you need to reserve a room for the exclusive purpose of formally entertaining guests? Can you entertain somewhere else on the rare occasion when you have multiple guests? Above all, if you are strapped for space in the remainder of your house, are you amenable to preserve your dining room but abandon the thought of having a room you'd use more often?

Additional considerations may help you choose whether to ditch or keep the dining room. When you have two spaces for eating, you could merge those spaces and free up the dining room. For instance, if you have a kitchen table or counter that easily seats your family, add an occasional friend or two, then you might not even need a dining room. A lot of homes have two tables of generous size, but the one in the dining room seldom gets utilized. If that is your position, you might look at whether you should keep your dining room intact or change it to another more useful purpose. Organizing your home is about intentionally creating space that makes sense for the way you and your family actually live. Regrettably, however, many of us unconsciously adapt to the space we've been given rather than making it work for us.

Naturally, if you ordinarily entertain large groups, you might want to keep the dining room for that purpose. If you're the only member of your extended family who has a dining room, you will probably attract all the relatives at each holiday. People who host little groups from church or the local Boy Scout troop frequently enjoy having a dining room for mealtime and for spreading out materials to do work together. Folks who love throwing parties actively use their dining rooms. When entertaining is your thing, you'll probably keep your dining room so your household can serve your real lifestyle.

You might also want to keep your dining room intact if you just have one table, you have no room for it in or near the kitchen, and it permanently occupies the dining room. In that instance, the dining room is actually serving as your daily eating area, and getting rid of it would not make sense. Every home calls for at least one space where the family can come together around the dinner table. The conversation and bonding you enjoy when you eat together are among your most cherished treasures.

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