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Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Although using the power of the sun is often seen as beneficial for our environment, this is not always the case because there can be numerous disadvantages of solar energy. The high cost of a complete photovoltaic energy set-up for your home is often mentioned as one of the main disadvantages of solar energy.Solar Energy Installation can be CostlyCredit:

Installing solar systems into the house can be all-inclusive. You can have your entire home including the power, the water heater, and your electronic gadgets to be powered entirely by solar energy, even during the dark night hours. The problem is that this is very expensive to do. Although the prices are dropping for complete solar energy packages and are partially off-set by not having to pay a monthly power bill, the cost is still prohibitive to most people.

To keep solar installation costs down, you can simply choose to use solar panels only to help cut down on the amount of energy you must use from the “Grid”; however you will still be reliant on the power company for the vast majority of your energy needs. Although you may make small savings by implementing a few solar devices, the overall cost of the solar devices may not be enough to offset your monthly savings from using it.

The disadvantages of solar energy can also include the negative aspects for commercial uses. Large factories will still be reliant on fossil fuels. Regardless of how much innovation has occurred in the solar industry, the technology is still not at the level it needs to be to power many factories. In theory it can be done, but the huge cost and hassle of implementing an all-inclusive solar energy package to completely power a large factory is no viable yet and the costs of implementing such systems in industry may be passed on to consumers.

There have also been a lot of unscrupulous companies that sell solar products to consumers, yet do not insist that the photovoltaic products be installed properly. If you buy solar panels or other solar energy technology and do not install it properly, then you may end up with a solar device that actually uses more energy then it produces. The ease of installation needs to be improved so that everybody is able to properly and safely install solar devices and home turbines. Solar products can be hard to install and use properly, and that is one of the largest disadvantages of using solar energy.

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The disadvantages of using solar energy can also include the fact that people are too reliant on living “on the grid”. Many people may feel that there is no reason to change over to a solar energy package because they are doing just fine with the way they have always received power. Overcoming these objections to utilizing new solar energy technologies is vital to help consumers get past their own hang ups about using solar energy products.

There are ways of storing saved up solar power to use when the clouds may be covering up the necessary sun rays, but these types of systems often are too expensive for most consumers to install. Creating solar energy products that are easy to install, economical, and reliable are all vital to overcoming the disadvantages of using solar energy.

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