The Old School Reds

No list of stunners can truly be considered complete without including a couple of the ladies who sparked my interest in the fired follicle. Keep in mind that my interest in women started long after Lucille Ball had crushed her last grape, so these two will be old school in the way that LL Cool J is to modern rap.

When you think of science fiction, it doesn't really conjure up images of beautiful women. What you usually imagine is some fat guy in a tinfoil helmet, wearing an ill-fitting Star Trek uniform. But then came the X-Files, which introduced us to the pouty-lipped Gillian Anderson. Next thing you know, dudes were skipping comic book conventions to stay home and watch Scully strut her stuff with some tunnel dwelling, mutant lungfish, and no I'm not talking about David Duchovny. The character she portrayed was exactly what we would expect from a redhead; fiery, opinionated, and smoking hot.

Fashion models tend to be rail thin, bob haired freaks that the industry seems to believe that men will find attractive. If I am going to lay a woman down, I don't want my first thought to be about my ironing. It doesn't take much for a curvaceous, beautiful woman to stand out in that crowd, but add a head of beautiful, flowing red hair, and you have woman that can't be missed, especially when that woman is Angie Everhart.

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The Scottish Reds

When you talk about roots when discussing blonde women, it's usually in reference to their natural hair color coming through. In the case of redheads their roots usually refers to their Scottish ties, and that is something that I love to see. We Scots are a good looking lot, well, except for those ones passed out in the middle of the street in Glasgow, but yes, generally good looking. Ladies, I give you Gerard Butler, Ewan McGregor, and James McAvoy, and for us lads, I give you these 2 lovely lassie's.

Some men like their women to be clean cut and beautifully groomed, and then there are those who like a little rocker chick nastiness in there. Tattoos that can only be seen from a contortionists viewpoint, an eyeful of smudged mascara, and the faintest aroma of jack Daniels and cigarettes can be some great accessories for a fiery redhead, and if that is what you have in mind, then take a peek at Shirley Manson, lead singer for Garbage.

I mentioned earlier how sci-fi isn't conducive to beautiful women, yet here is another that is best known for her role in a science fiction classic TV show, Dr. Who. Karen Gillan plays the doctors sidekick, Amy Pond, and it's clear to see why a show about a time traveler who hops through space in a police box has managed to stay on the air so long.

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The Bombshell Red

Much like the fashion industry, Hollywood seems to believe that men want to pay $25 to go see a movie featuring a bunch of stick insect women who spend their day with their fingers jammed down their throats, coughing up that afternoons business lunch with a big shot studio exec. WRONG!! Men like real women with real curves, and for that you need look nor further than Kristina Hendricks.

She is best known for her bitchy secretary role on AMC TV's "Mad Men," which was enough to get guys on the phone to update their cable package to include all the movie channels. She may not be the greatest actress in the world, yet it would be very fitting if she were to somehow win at the Golden Globes.


The New School Reds.

This next pair of beautiful women will look very familiar to most men, but it's not everyone that will instantly recognize their names. That doesn't stop dudes from making that inhaled whistle noise when they seem though.

The first woman is probably best known as the - ahem - flute playing band camp girl from "American Pie." She can now be seen every week on TV's "How I Met Your Mother," and although she is more girl next door cute than outright sexy, she still deserves a spot on this list. I am of course talking about Alyson Hannigan, and now that you guys actually know her name, you have no excuse.

Isla Fisher is a really great comedic actress whose best known part was probably as the crazy girl stalking Vince Vaughan in "The Wedding Crashers." She is another one whose name people just don't seem to know, and she is probably recognized by most people as being the wife of "Borat" actor, Sacha Baron Cohen. Si if you ever see the couple out on the street, and you simply can't remember her name, just high-five Sacha and yell, GREAT SUCCESS!!

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The Doppelganger Reds

All the women listed above are the dream woman for many a red-blooded male, but very few of us actually get to do more than dream. I am living that dream right now, and for any of you men who haven't ever spent any time around a redhead, you have no idea what you are missing. Sexy, strong-willed and passionate...a perfect brew of beauty and stunning sex appeal.

My wife and I met through an online dating site, and when I first saw her profile picture, two things immediately sprung to mind; 1, she is way out of my league, and 2, she looks very familiar to me. We ended up going on a date, and still that familiarity stuck in my head, and it wasn't until she laughed, which was thankfully early on in the first date, that it came to me....Julianne Moore. You don't always see the resemblance right away, but when she smiles, there is  no mistaking it.

It has become something of a blessing and a curse for me, because whenever I see Julianne Moore in some sordid love scene, i am tempted to jump through the screen and choke the guy out. unfortunately my Scottish roots have blessed me with anger and alcohol related bloating. That my wife was able to see beyond that is a testament to her beautiful Southern charm, and perhaps a history of family mental issues brought on by moonshine. So you guys go ahead and drool all over the other beautiful redheads, and I'll go ahead and stick to my own.

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