Support the Dogs Trust

They need you to help them home these loyal canines


Dogs Trust is the largest animal charity, responsible for the rescue and re-homing of unwanted and stray dogs in the UK and Ireland. In addition to public donations and a hefty support network, without you - to offer a loving, lifelong home, it is likely that Dogs Trust would cease to exist.

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Animal adoption centres across the UK urge pet owners to take their unwanted dog to the local adoption centre, by doing this they have an increased chance of being re-homed with a wanting family. Without a background history, finding a home becomes arduous and sometimes impossible for the staff and volunteers at Dogs Trust.


In 2010 a huge total of 1Give a dog a homeCredit: stock photo5,323 dogs were admitted to Dogs Trust. 7,344 of them admitted from local authorities and other rescue organisations, 7,678 handed over by un-wanting owners and the remaining 301 born on site. So, not only do theDogs Trust volunteers and task force have the demanding duty of caring for, nursing back to health and finding loving, eternal homes for a large dog population, they also have to nurture the newborn puppies that come with them.  They are quite frankly the unsung heroes of the United Kingdom.

In 2011 15,323 dogs were rescued or received by Dogs Trust ,276 of those sadly died or only if unhealthy - put to sleep. The lucky remaining canine friends were re-homed with new parents.  In the same year, Dogs Trust released a micro-chipping campaign; which resulted in a vast reduction in the amount of stray dogs being put to sleep from council pounds. A commendable 2,906 less than the previous year of 9,310 in 2010. This is evidence that micro-chipping will greatly improve your chances of retrieving your dog.

So, what happens to the Dogs that nobody wants to offer a home?

Dogs Trust have a number of dogs that are not ready for adoption. Regardless of being perfectly healthy, understandably some dogs do not behave well in a kennel environment and therefore don't behave during visits by potential parents, for this reason they are viewed as aggressive or too lively.  Other reasons such as “not being pretty enough” can unbelievably be a reason.rehoming glass kennelsCredit: stock photo

These dogs are identified as "special dogs" and have a variety of options available to them which is assessed on a case by case basis. They could stay in the kennel environment, be placed in a temporary foster home, or even a sanctuary where they can roam in a large secured field with a shelter. 

In the Sanctuary they have two carers looking after them and they also undergo regular health checks, here the dogs are able to exercise and form relationships with other dogs and people. Some dogs that need further training might go to theDogs Trust Vet NurseCredit: stock photo STAR unit where they undergo training to cope with the stresses of life, and learn to love people again.

Why abandon a living, loyal and loving companion?

Many dogs in the UK are abandoned as owners can no longer afford the up-keep, due to reasons such as the economic crisis and unbelievably; recent fashion trends and many first time owners fail to fully understand the responsibility that lies with taking in a canine friend.

What you can do to help

Unlike local authority adoption centres,Dogs Trust rely purely upon sponsorship, adoption fees and charitable donations from you to fulfil the mammoth task they do.the dogs trust pupCredit: stock photo

If you can afford to adopt a dog or even spare a small amount of your time as a volunteer, you can help this superb charity continue to do what they do best. Without your added support there is no charity, and the lives and wellbeing of these worthwhile companions depend upon what you can offer; regardless of how big or small.

Dogs Trust website offers a plethora of information about dog adoption and ways you can help support them on their journey.