You can utilize websites like GoDaddy and Lenovo to build a new website. If you are ready to build your website, you are probably very excited and have in mind just how you want your site to look. You may have consulted with a variety of individuals to get opinions about what your site should do and how it should look. Take your time to build your site, as your website will become an extension of you and your brand.

What's Your Mission?

No matter what anyone says, your website will represent you and your business goals and ideals. Therefore, you should reveal the exact mission of your business. If you are someone whose mission is to help others, you'll want a website that reflects that by sharing knowledge. If your goal is to sell products or services, you should highlight the benefits of both. You should make sure to tell a bit about yourself as well. After you've followed these rules, you'd also do well to take note of these dos and don'ts.


Pick an awesome website name that coincides with what you do. For instance, if you have a company that offers virtual work, you'll want to try and weave the words "virtual" and "work" into your website name.

Create a fantastic logo and tagline. You have probably heard how important it is to build your brand and that should include a great logo and tagline. Think Nike or McDonalds; when you see the check mark or the golden arches, you immediately know what brand/company/product they represent.

Optimize your site for search engine optimization. It's no secret that millions of people visit search engines daily to find what they want and need. Even if you only provide information, you'll want to rank high on all the search engines. If you are at the top of a given search list, people are more apt to visit your website for the products and services they need.Don'ts

Don't leave your design to chance. Don't simply pick the first template you see on a web design site and think people won't notice the lack of forethought. There are loads of cookie cutter websites out there and you don't want to be one of them. While you don't have to hire someone to design a website from scratch, at the very least you should modify the template to make sure it's customized enough to look original.

Don't use derogatory language on your site or things that are offensive. A few people think that thinking outside the box means providing shock value to others. However, most people want to be associated with a company that is reputable. Having offensive language, pictures, etc. on your site does not put you in that category.

Don't use colors that are so loud, it's hard on the eyes of visitors. Even if you personally like very bold or bright colors, you'll want your website to be aesthetically pleasing to everyone. There are many colors like gray, which are known to be easy on the eyes. You'll want to use neutral colors for the base and then add pops of color throughout.