Susan Boyle's dream was to pursue a career in music and become famous for her voice, to have the people all over the world hear her sing. And a miracle happened - She received her wish. Her dream became reality. After a few weeks though, she found herself in a mental hospital, overcome with exhaustion and an abundance of stress. Susan Boyle is a perfect example of what has come to be referred to as the "Structure of Hope". What becomes of somebody when their dreams are finally realized? For a lot of people, it seems that their whole world comes to an end. They don't know what to do with themselves anymore after acheiving their dream. Just like lottery winners; The large majority find themselve penniless a few years after it seems like all of their dreams have come true, as most if not all of their emotional security is based around the wanting and needing rather than the actual getting and utilizing. When you have too much hope and ignore too many things in your life, you sabotage your dreams. This is the basic underlining of the "structure of hope" as its called. If we look around we can see many other successful people blowing up. Some of them turn to drugs, and alcohol, some think suicide is the answer and others turn to an escalating pattern of freakish behavior in an effort to destroy their success so they can go back to the safety of chasing after a dream.

All of us have wants and needs that we chase after. The problem is not the fact that we try to realize our goals. The problem is that when we acheive it, we no longer know what to do with ourselves. Usually we will grow into it or start relying on a support system. A support system is just a crutch used to prop yourself up aartificially. It grows and shrinks in response to your success. Susan Boyle has an entourage of lawyers, agents, doctors and family that are all trying to protect her. The problem is, the more famous she gets, the more help she'll require in order to remain in a safe place in regards to her life and happiness.

A much better way to handle the blossoming of a dream is to grow into it. We all must learn to grow internally so we can expand beyond our dream today and focus on the dream of our tomorrow. Once you acheive your dream, you will be able to let it go and imagine an even bigger dream. A better dream. And you can continue to work towards that. My answer to Susan in regards to her success is simple: you just need to settle into what you have now and start chasing after an even bigger dream.