What is it that happens to a woman who is giving birth to a beautiful baby? Through most of the process of being pregnant, women are excited, they buy gifts for their little newborn, they rush to every appointment eager to see what has progressed since the last visit. Gushing over the little kicks and punches, having parties and receiving mountains of gifts, painting the nursery, nesting...and then the water breaks...

Suddenly, that happy, glowing, exhuberant mother to be becomes a beast - screaming, cursing, threatening those present, crying...it starts with the same excitement - knowing that the baby that she has carried within her for so many months is finally to arrive. All of the preparation is about to pay off, she will finally give up restful nights, clean up every bodily fluid known to man, and she will do it all the while cooing and doting on her precious new baby.

Then the pain hits, at first it is bearable, she still looks forward to holding her baby in her arms and eases herself through the initial stages of pain using every technique that she learned in her natural childbirth classes. She grips the hospital bed rails and breathes herself in to some state of relaxation in order to let the contractions pass.

Before long, however, the pain intensifies and the valleys get shorter and shorter, the peaks of pain longer and longer until she finally realizes that she is about to explode in agony. It has often been said that childbirth is the closest a woman will ever come to the edge of death, and she will certainly let you know about it. All she wants to do right now, is get that baby out of her, the source of all of this excruciating pain, but she cannot until the time is right and that only causes more frustration and eventually anger.

The only thing on her mind right now, is pushing that baby OUT and getting herself out of this predicament of pain. When the doctor finally says "PUSH!" she receives a new burst of energy - and hatred. How many times does she have to push to get this over with?? She pushes and she pushes and finally, her efforts pay off and she hears the doctor's announcement and the baby crying and she collapses into a heap, crying tears of exhaustion, tears of joy, tears of relief. And when they finally hand her the little bundle wrapped in warm pink or blue, she forgets everything she has just endured.