For those of us B2B cold callers out there, one of the first obstacles that we need to overcome is the question of who we need to be speaking to within an organization to best promote our product or service.  But more often than not, these influential people will not be available to take your call and you end up with their email address.  The issue that we are then faced with is whether or not to send a cold call email through to them or to keep trying to call them until we get through.


So now that we understand what a cold call email is, now we need to answer the question of if it actually is worth it to go about drafting a template and sending this off to all of our suspects that fit the above criteria.  Like most things the answer to this question depends on how it is delivered, a poorly constructed cold call email is not likely to have any effect.  So based on my experience, the answer is yes – it si worthwhile to send this email but we need to understand that this technique is only a little above a spray and pray type email in terms of its effect on the customer – so don’t expect outstanding results from this tactic, but rather use it to supplement other weapons in your sales arsenal.

Cold Call Email

Golden rule to remember when constructing your email


Based on my experience and testing, the notion of detachment must be forefront in your mind when you are constructing the email.  What I mean by this is you need to tell the prospect that you would like to have some discussions with them but also to let them know that it is OK if they are not interested , that is give them an out.  This may seem scary to a lot of you and you may be asking them the question, why should I give them an out?  Well imagine you received an email back from a suspect saying “No thanks I am not interested at the moment”  This would free your time up to be spent with other suspects that are much more likely to buy from you.  Remember time is you most valuable asset as a professional salesperson


Common Elements of a Cold Call Email


  • Confirm that you the two of you have not met
  • Tell them who in their organization referred you to them
  • Tell them what you have been able to achieve for other organizations that are similar to their own
  • Tell them that you would like to see if it is possible to help them in the same way
  • Present them with two options to respond to your email, either they are open to having a discussion (let them know how this will take place i.e. telephone conversation or onsite meeting) or they are not interested in investing any time in this at the moment
  • Let them know that you are OK with either answer


The added benefit of going down this path is that it stands out from many of the other emails that flood their inbox every day and this means that if your plan is to call them should you not receive a response to your email they are more likely to take your call as they have an understanding through the experiences of similar businesses how they might be able to benefit from taking your call.


What has been your experiences with sending out cold call emails?  Do they work for you?  I am interested in hearing from other people on this topic as this is something that I do every day.

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