What Material is used to Make Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Motorcycle Saddlebags are a Must Have Accessory for Motor Bikers

Who doesn’t want to keep their belongings safe and secure, and don’t we all go to extra lengths to keep them protected. We so much as buy special containers for them to ensure their safety and to protect our belongings from accidents whatsoever.

The risk is all the more when you are travelling and taking thing with you. If you are travelling by a car then that’s still a benefit as cars are spaciously designed to accommodate your luggage but if you have a motorbike then carrying your belongings on it could become quite a nuisance. Not only is it a hassle rather it can be downright dangerous. But these are changing times and there is a solution for pretty much everything and for this problem motorcycle saddlebags are the answer!

Having said that, it would not suffice to have just any bag, your saddlebag needs to be attached properly so that it does not come in your way when riding your bike. It should be hard wearing and sturdy so that it can protect your items easily. There are different kinds of motorcycle luggage bags are available in market such that motorcycle panniers, motorcycle trunks or tour packs and motorcycle saddlebags. Some of the materials that are durable and recommended for saddlebags are as follows:


It is one of the most commonly used materials in the market and they are cost effective and durable. They add to the look of your bike and enhance its style quotient. However ensure that it is a genuine one and that you are not being fooled by a synthetic one. Synthetic leather is usually made of PVC and it is harder even though it looks the same as genuine leather.

Fiber Glass

Fiber glass is also a very good material as it is highly durable, rust-free and water resistant. It is so strong that it can’t be broken easily. It not only serves as a good protective shield rather it is very safe as well.


Motorcycle saddlebags made from polypropylene are long lasting and especially good for cooling purposes as they have insulation capabilities. If you are looking for storing things that require cool containers, then this is the best material.


Aluminum is one of the most durable and sturdy metals and has many uses in the industries of today. Amongst many other industries its usage has seeped into the bike business as well. They are especially purposeful when you are off- roading. It is a very good water resistant metal.

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