A president is a leader of a country that makes selfless sacrifice and compromise devoid of deceit and greed.  The government of any president has to focus on building a stable economy. Industrialization will give the quantum leap for economic and technological transformation. However, articulating sustainable macro-economic policies and strategies will make the industrial sector efficient and productive by developing the agricultural sector, which provides the largest employment of labour, revenue and raw-materials.

A president ensures that the provision of social services and infrastructures are paramount. The judicious and prudent management of a country’s resources by infusing budgetary discipline, controlling inflation and interest rates will make it possible to substantially increase the budgetary allocations to education, health, housing and transport. The president has to make sure that the allocation of funds to each sector of the economy is honestly and efficiently utilized. The target should be the enthronement of the pre-eminent place of good education in the national life and the total revision of the educational curriculum in such a way that it relates to the present developmental needs as to health, housing, transport, communication and self-employment and, rehabilitating and enhancing the efficiency of the existing utilities of the country.

In addition, the defence and internal security of a country must be a priority to a president at any time. This is because the president is required to maintain a compact and credible armed force, the police and other security agents, that are well-equipped and whose personnel are well cared for. Increasing the size of security agents while simultaneously improving their striking capability will be a good strategy to deter any violation of the country’s territorial integrity and at the same time, maintaining law and order within the country. Dialogue should be the first option when resolving crisis for the world to prosper in peace and unity.

Finally, a president is responsible in ensuring that the country’s foreign policy is guided by a set of sound principles. The time has come when every country should make it clear to the world that the people of the country:
1. can decide for themselves.
2. know their own interests and how to protect them.
3. are capable of resolving their problems without any external interference and presumptuous lessons in ideological danger.

It is only when information and data are made available to the public that definite national and international policies can be enunciated and thereafter, pursued and realised by the president of any country.