The Mystery Of The Dyaltov Accident

On February 2nd, 1959 Igor Dyatlov lead a team of 8 other cross country skiers through the Ural mountains, when something happened. But over 50 years later, what happened that night is still a mystery.

The group was on a ski trek from Vizhai to Otorten through the Ural mountains. They departed on January 27th and were expected to arrive in Ortorten no later than February 12th. When the group was still not heard from on February 20th, a rescue team was sent out to search for the missing group.

On February 26th the group's abandoned camp was found on Kholat Syakhl. The tent had a massive slash down one entire side. A path of footprints were followed from the tent almost 1.5 km north-east to the edge of a forest. Searchers found the remains of a fire under a large pine tree, along with the first two corpses. Both were shoeless and only wearing their underwear. Three more corpses were found between the camp and pine tree, all at different distances. The other four bodies were found two months later, on May 4th in a ravine, beside a small stream further into the woods. But this was just the beginning of The Dyatlov Accident...

Abandoned CampCredit: Slog. The Stranger

The Investigation Into The Dyatlov Accident

After the medical examination was conducted they discovered that the first five  bodies found had died of hypothermia. Only one person had a small fracture on the skull, but it was not believed to be the cause of death.

Of the other four bodies found in the ravine, three had fatal injuries. One had major skull damage, and the other two had major chest fractures. The estimated force required to cause this damage was equivalent to a severe car crash.

None of the bodies had external wounds, indicating extreme pressure had caused the fractures. A few of the bodies had high levels of radiation in their clothing. Although some of the victims were wearing each other's clothes.

It was determined that there was no signs of struggle in the two area's where the bodies were discovered. 

In a weird twist, the medical examiner gave the possibility that some of the victims had been blinded before they died.

The final verdict given after the compeletion of the investigation was that the group had been killed by an "unknown compelling force".

Large Pine TreeCredit: Yuri Gagarin

Interesting Points

Some points have been added after the initial investigation into The Dyatlov Pass Accident:

  • Relatives of the deceased reported that the victims skin had a strange brown or orange tan and their hair had turned grey
  • In an interview, an investigator said that high radiation levels had been found on Kholat Sakhl, but the source of the radiation was never found
  • A group of hikers there were camping about 60 km due south of Kholat Syakhl reported that they had seen large orange spheres that night directly over the area of the abandoned camp where the Dyatlov Accident had occurred.  These same orange sphere's were seen multiple times by many different witnesses from February to March 1959

Was this a military experiment gone wrong? An attack from an unknown alien force? An ancient tribe attacking trespassers?

The truth of The Dyatlov Pass Accident may never be discovered.


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