Love and relationship

A look into human relationships

It is said that love makes the world go round, and it really does, although not in a literal sense. Some say that it is life itself; without it the world we live in would seem just a chunk of rock in our eyes, traveling across space indefinitely, devoid of life, not knowing the concepts of care and affection. It is felt in different degrees, emotions, and seems to add color to life itself.

Love as defined by Webster is either a strong affection felt for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, or an admiration, benevolence, or a warm attachment towards another. This definition is concerned only with human affection towards the other. But love itself encompasses all that we know of. Be it love for work, country, or passion for a certain sport, more or less it is love still.

Love has no other purpose but to foster close and personal relations with another human being, either romantically, with charity or pure kindness. The definition of love is very broad that it encompasses all of human interactions with each other. Love has a different term for every nationality, language or culture, yet the feeling is universal. Give a hug to a stranger, and he/she will know that it is love expressed for him/her. Caress a dog's fur and the dog knows that he/she is being taken care of. It is love. It is not just a concept but is created not by will only but by random reasons that even the mind cannot rationalize.

Since the human heart symbolizes love, one oftentimes "use his/her heart" in knowing a person's character, and sometimes led to the development of a feeling of affection for that certain person; hence the line "the heart sees what the mind cannot."

Using a dictionary, love is clearly defined. But because of the complexity of human emotions, we do not confine the term love by definition of words alone, but differs in meaning relative to a person's background, personality, culture, or beliefs. For lack of a term to encompass love's boundaries, we just simply state that "love is love." We just say love, and all others understand it, although what they have in mind differ in some degrees.

If one is to imagine a world without love, one would find that human beings would only be mechanical objects roaming on the streets with no particular objective in mind but to move and move and move, incapable of expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Love heals also. A world full of chaos and anger would seem to have no future at all. But the only solution to this problem is that when love is acknowledged and letting it reside within us. By this, we could learn to understand each other, able to talk with one another with just smiles and little hellos being exchanged. We, eventually, will learn to end strife and wars, hence the term "make love, not war". No wonder that love is principally advocated by most religions worldwide, and is encouraged to be shared by all.

Love is life. We enjoy our lives when we give love. Hence, love makes the world go round.