Admittedly, it took me a good twenty minutes to warm up to this fan. I was sure it was just another flash in the pan; a fad that would excite the easily excitable. Still, as I wandered through the aisles of the nearest big-box office supply store, I noticed that most people didn’t recognize the Dyson Air Multiplier for what it was.

Kids and teenagers were singularly unimpressed as they headed to see the latest laptops and GPS devices. I even saw one elderly couple look at the fan, hold it up the fan, shrug and then replace it. As fate would have it, a store associate walked by and flicked the switch that turned the machine on.


The Dyson Air Multiplier

I happened to be in exactly the right spot. The fan immediately produced a constant stream of free flowing air. It was actually quite remarkable an I spent the next half hour investigating this little wonder of technology.

The fan, itself,  appears to be, simply, an upended donut attached to a base. Frankly, it looked more like a piece of art than an appliance. However, with the addition of a bit of electricity, this amazing little combination of innovation and design produced a torrent of air. I was impressed as the air flow was extraordinary. Still, I waited for the buffeting that I expected from any ordinary fan and it never arrived. 

A quick examination of the appliance revealed no traditional blades just a consistent stream of air from the perimeter of the donut as if there were invisible blades spinning. Surprisingly, at least to me, there was never any interruption of the cooling breeze.

I didn’t conduct a scientific inquiry but this fan sure seemed to produce a more cooling and long lasting effect than any ordinary fan I had ever encountered.


How Does It Work?

The base of every Dyson air multiplier conceals a device known as a mixed flow impeller. That’s just a fancy name for a corkscrew grooved solid piece of plastic that draws in ambient air and produces a smooth or “laminar” airflow upon exit.

As such, the Dyson air multipliers are technically impellers and not propellers as are most ordinary fans. In much the same way that a water pump sucks in and discharges water, the Dyson air multiplier does the same to air. Since, the Dyson uses a fundamentally different method of moving air; it has some fundamentally different effects.


Coolness Plus  “Coolness”

Due to their looks and functionality, these fans are absolute conversation starters. In fact, I had three with complete strangers while I examined the machine in the store. In addition, they produce a seemingly endless supply of uninterrupted air flow. It may not be so, but it sure feels cooler than the air coming from a traditional fan. Lastly, the lack of blades virtually eliminates accidents and dust collection.

The current price of the Dyson line of air multipliers has seen a steady drop from the expensive days of its introduction. NOW, More comparably priced to traditional fans, the Dyson air multipliers deserve a second look for both aesthetic appeal and for effectiveness.