Introducing the triple chamber, continuous cycle composting action of the Earthmaker Composter. The perfect garden composter for small yards and big families.

The only problem with compost bins is that most need to be left alone to digest their contents every once in a while. That leaves you the gardener with nowhere to put your newly created garden waste and kitchen scraps until the composter has finished its work and you have emptied it.

This means many homes need at least two garden compost bins, to ensure there is always somewhere to put new organic waste. But, for many with small yards, or indeed big families, two bins might not be practical or economical.

Earthmaker Continuous Cycle Composting

Now you can make the most of all the space in your backyard by using an Exaco Earthmaker Garden Composter. This is a single bin which acts like a three bin compost system. Vertically stacked, the three chambers are baffled apart.

But, once a month you jiggle the chamber floor to allow small particles to fall to the chamber below. This sifting action incorporates plenty of air in the mixture. Aerobic composting is the aim of all gardeners as it is fast and odour free. All the air you add to your organic waste is taken up by the micro-organisms in the mix and used to break down your waste in no time.

Fast & Easy Earthmaker Composters

Once established (usually around three months), an Exaco Earthmaker should be supplying up to ten gallons of fresh garden compost every month. That's pretty quick, and the best bit is there is no hard work involved for you.

The Earthmaker Composter mixes itself with just that one ten second job of opening the chamber floor panel each month. There is no messy mixing of compost or heavy turning to do. It really couldn't be easier.

Assembly is pretty simple too. Customer reviews indicate around ten minutes is all it should take to put your new composter together. You don't even need any tools!

Practical Earthmaker Composters

The Earthmaker Composter is a rugged, solid piece of garden equipment. It's large, 123 gallon capacity should cope with even the largest family. Being black it will heat up fast boosting it's quick composting capabilities. Best of all, it is totally unobtrusive with its plain styling and dark colour. This is a garden composter you probably won't even notice in the garden, apart from the boost it will give your plants through regular applications of fresh compost.

The Earthmaker Composter makes the ideal garden compost bin for anyone hoping to make compost quickly and who does not want multiple garden composters taking up space in the backyard.