Electronic filing of your taxes is one of those things that people had to get used to much like they had to get used to depositing their paychecks in an ATM rather than over the counter at the bank. However, as taxpayers start to file their 2011 Taxes, you should know that it is now the norm to file them electronically over the old method of sending in a paper tax return.

Believe it or not, the IRS e-file option has been available for twenty years now. Last year alone, the IRS received over ninety nine million tax forms from e-filing. Over the last twenty years combined, they have received close to one billion of the 1040 form from various taxpayers. This has become their perferred method of handling tax returns as it is more efficient and errors can be discovered much more rapidly.

With so many people on board, it is time for you to jump in and try it if you have not already. The stipulations that have been added this year mean that any preparers who e-file will have to be sanctioned to do so by the government. However, if they are working as volunteers they can do so without the same sanctioning. And individuals that prepare taxes for themselves will continue to be able to electronically submit their returns without any problem.

Once you submit your return electronically, you only need to wait two days and the IRS will notify you that they have received everything. If they note any mistakes, they will let you know right away and you can fix them. Check your social security numbers and names as mismatches are one of the common mistakes that lead to an e-file rejections on first attempt.

One of the greatest advantages of e-filing is the speed with which you can get your refund if you are eligible for one. For the three quarters of Americans who do get a return, this speed is a boon. If they file electronically and they pick the direct deposit option rather than the mailed check option, they can see the money in their bank account in as soon as 10 days.

Whether you pay a preparer, use one of the online tax preparation websites like TurboTax, or file on your own return at the IRS website, you will be pleased at how easy it is to e-file your 2011 Taxes.