Studies show that more than 90% of infobarrel users are money grabbing pigs. Of course, this study was conducted on a total of 3 people, so is in no way a reliable piece of information. Nevertheless you're going to read what this article says because you want money too.

So you want to make money huh?

Let me introduce you to the biggest, easiest article to write to start getting those dollars:


Yes, you read correct.

Hard to believe isn't it? Did you know that 78.2% of people who write 'how to make money' guides, are in fact making zilch?

In fact it can be quite sickening. People know that those are the only ones people want to read. Who cares about loosing weight, who cares about teaching your children to eat carrots. People want money, and they want it fast. If you're looking for a sure fire way to earn clicks, this is it.

So many people write this kind of guide that Infobarrel alone contains 7,954 results. WOW. Just typing the word money brings up so much repetitive junk! In comparison, 'taxes' which is a far more reasonable and worthy word to research only receives 300+ results. Hard to believe isn't it, and slightly hard to stomach.

money and tax
People don't care about taxes. They only care about money.

Smart people have discovered this.

Whilst I won't say exactly who does this, I can guarantee you that the writer of any 'how to make money' guide has written 50 x more of the same junk repeated over and over again.

Let's take a look at some rather generic titles, all of which I came up on the spot. Feel free to use them if they are not already taken.

Make Money Fast with eHow!

Earn Money without lifting a Finger

How to start a Passive Income

Turn your Articles into Cash!

Adsense Earns Money for you!

All of these types of articles contain the same thing, with more or less the same information.

In fact you could retype the same thing over and over again and use an infinite amount of fancy titles to cover your tracks. But even if you notice this, it's too late. You've clicked. You have given them a few pennies more to their richness.

baby writing (16719)

So easy that even a Baby can do it.

But Starfly, they're actually giving you Good Tips!

After thorough examination, I have discovered that only 1 out of every 11 articles provide something unique or half way decent.

But let us examine what happens in most articles:

Step 1
Write alot of questions which 'everyone' thinks about.

Why Can't I make money?
Do I need money right away?
Need money for those new shoes but can't think of a way to earn it?

These questions generally don't help anyone at all, but they make excellent page fillers and make people think you know what the answers are.

Step 2
Tell you what your problem is.

You don't keep track
You aren't taking advantage of great stuff online

Indeed, if I needed to know what my problem was I would have turned to my mother. Once again, this does not help me at all.

Step 3
Some Motivational words
Dont worry, you can do it!
Remember it starts out a little tough, but it always gets better!
Hang in there, the dollars will come to you!

This tells me nothing about how to actually make money, but it does make me feel superficially better inside, so I keep on reading thinking that this guy really knows what he is talking about.

Step 4
Give Generic Tips
Keep track of your money
Put adsense on everything you write

By the time you have reached this part of the article, there are only 100 or so words about it. Thus, this forms only 1/4th or 1/5th of the entire article.

However I'm not here to criticize people who have written how to make money guides - Afterall, it is a profitable business.
I am simply showing you HOW to join this crowd, and earn your fair share of revenue! Remember, there are only 4 steps to writing this guide and only 1 step requires any genuine information.

Effects of Clicking on Banal 'how to make money' Guide

Fortunately for the 45% of people who go blind from reading such an article, will never have to endure the pain of reading another one again

But Starfly, you wrote these kinds of articles too!

Indeed. But I stopped short after 5 or 6 when I had depleted my resource of useful information. On the other hand, some people go way over the top and dedicate 100s of articles just on how to make money. In fact, some people only choose to write about Money.

On discovering this, I decided to focus my attention elsewhere such asHow To make a Dalek or How to Talk Like A Man.

Hopefully this article will help you create more meaningless how to make money guides and squash your competition.

Note: Some how-to-make money guides are actually worth a read. The trouble is finding them.