Want Shrubs Fast?

Fast growing shrubs are one of the best way to turn a new landscape or new garden bed into a beautiful focal point. Unlike even the fastest growing trees or the addition of annuals or perennials, shrubs give a landscape bed a permanent foundation and great color. In addition, they offer structure in the winter.

You don't have to wait for several years to get nice-sized shrubs in your yard. These excellent fast growing shrubs will get you some satisfaction quickly.


Spiraea is one of the bets fast growing shrubs of all time. There are a few key reasons for this. One is that spireas can be found in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. That means you will find one that is perfect for you.

Spiraea grow quickly and fill in an area. They come in tidy sizes as small as 2-3 feet high and wide or in varieties that get quite large, but all of them grow quickly. In fact, spireas like to be pruned regularly and bounce right back with even more awesome blooms the next year. This pruning is as easy as pie with a cordless trimmer - the best garden tool for pruning spiraea.

If you can choose only one fast growing shrubs for your landscape, start by looking at spiraea. Some great choices for color include Goldmound, Goldflame, or Little Princess. You can't go wrong with these three.


Lilac is a proven winner when it comes to a fast growing shrub that adds multi-season interest to the garden. Don't confuse all lilacs with the huge bushes that everyone had 30 years ago. While those are still great shrubs that grow quickly and get big, there are so many more and newer varieties that stay much smaller.

The Dwarf Korean lilac is an excellent choice if you have space - about 6 feet wide and 5 feet high. It likes to be pruned every year and will reward you by being literally covered with fragrant purple flowers in early summer.

Newer and smaller varieties that should be on any list include Miss Kim and Tinkerbelle. In fact, Miss Kim is very cool in that it offers fall color in the form of purple leaves that is surprising from a lilac. Depending on the weather in fall, they can range from subtle to shockingly burgundy.


Dogwood shrubs are super fast growing bushes or multi-stem trees that will really fill in an area quickly. If you add dogwood near other fast growing oak trees or maple trees you can create a backyard screen very quickly.

Be careful about with type you get since dogwood comes in both a shrub form and a tree form. Good choices for shrubs that grow fast are Red Twig or Arctic Fire. In addition to filling in quickly and providing a screen, these beauties will wow you with bright red color in winter. This is especially interesting when snow arrives, if you are so lucky.

Dogwood is easy to care for and all that is needed to keep them looking great is an annual pruning. In fact, they grow so quickly that if you slack off for a few years they will get unruly, but don't be afraid. The annual pruning event only takes a few minutes.

No Waiting Needed

You don't have to wait to get a nice full shrub that adds color and beauty to the landscape. These proven champions are all solid choices for quick growth. They are the easiest fast growing shrubs around.