Should you be perusing this, you then in all likelihood want to know the right way to construct a blog for cash and also fun. Maybe only for business, or even just for fun, nevertheless , you wish to know how. You need to learn how.

Great, since you are in the right place. :)

At this point you've probably seen and are aware that running a blog is becoming extremely popular on the web. More people these days are implementing their very own blogs for individual as well as business activities as an valuable way to interact with buyers and/or buddies. Weblogs are becoming a vital part for internet businesses and they are a fantastic way to generate profits over the internet.

I am unable to remember how many times an individual has asked me exactly what a blog is. Most people get a little bit perplexed by the 'blog' name yet , it is very easy. A 'blog' is basically merely a web site by which information is organized chronologically and typically includes interactive aspects...typically called 'comments'.

Comments are a portion within a blog in which a person can add his own thoughts and opinions, possibly an image or simply a 'comment' on a selected writing that is already on the blog, thus rendering it interactive. The term 'blog' stems from the word 'weblog', which is a record of subject matter on a website.

Very clear-cut. :)

At this time I'm going to go over the fundamental guidelines required on how to set up a blog. Regardless of whether you want one for business to make cash, or as more of a fun outlet, I am going to teach you some guidelines and issues you might want to avoid.

How To Set Up A Blog For Cash And Fun: Could You Create A Blog With A Free Hosted Provider?

You can choose the 'free' option and register for a blog account with a website like (which is owned by Google) or a different comparable hosted service.

And even while it's very easy to utilize a hosted website there's a couple of big drawbacks:

1. These kinds of sites more or less 'own' your posts: Your posts will reside on their own web servers and their property. They ultimately have total control of it.

2. You are restricted by the form and features: Although some services have many cool features, you'll find limitations as to what you can do design-wise and a few even limit the kind of advertisements you can publish when creating your blog.

3. They may decide on a whim to shut your blog down...the company might go out of business, etc...

Therefore in how to setup a blog on your own you will want to strongly think about configuring it on your own domain and also web hosting account. In fact, to be completely frank, this is simply absolutely essential.

Deciding on Your Subject

In the event that you've already chosen the topic or 'niche' (as us smarty-pants people prefer to term it...hehe) then you can definitely bypass to the next section following. But if not, you'll need to settle on what you want your blog to be about.

Do not get sweaty and nervous. It is not hard, and there is a fairly simple answer.

You need to try to pick a topic you know. Anything you happen to be ideally enthusiastic about and a subject that 'moves' you everyday. This can certainly make it much easier to get your website launched.

Selecting A Name For Your Website And Getting A Domain Name

So now you must pick a name for your blog then purchase a domain name. These could be one in the same. By way of example: Your domain name is '' and then the 'name is...Let's say ''. Essentially, something that reflects your business or niche.

Then you should go over to and sign up your domain name to make sure you own it. Set up a GoDaddy account if you do not curently have one after which you can go through the steps on the webpage to pick and get your domain name.

So next you need hosting for your blog. Generally there are literally many web hosting companies on the market who'll host your website for you. To tell the truth, the majority of them suck. And I've tried a variety of them in the past. :)

You will need an affordable host (especially when you will be just starting out with your blog) however it should be dependable with good client service. I want to say...that is not easy to find.

In spite of this, there are some reputable companies which meet this criteria, therefore the host I like to recommend most is a provider recognized as Hostgator. They have very affordable entry web hosting service plans (beginning around 5 dollars a month), they have excellent service as well as wonderful customer support. I utilize them myself personally and can't recommend them enough.

Check HostGator out. You can sign up for an account and they will provide you a welcome packet to your e-mail on setting up your account. You will also need to ask your webhost the right way to 'point' the domain name towards your hosting account. Your webhost will help you in doing this.


Remember I wrote before that you really want to install as well as host your own weblog as an alternative to utilizing a free service like Blogger? Well now you need to choose the blogging software you'll set up on your hosting account for how to setup a blog.

There are many blog providers and programs you are able to select from for example Moveable Type and Typepad however I strongly recommend that you utilize Exactly why? is utilized by countless bloggers so there exists a giant community that helps make the technology advance continuously, you'll find loads of plug ins, that are modifications which you can deploy to further improve your blog, and is free!

Just head over to and you should see a website link where you may download the program on your laptop or computer.

Setting up Onto Your Web hosting Account

You have got your domain name, your webhosting account and have the Wordpress software on your hard drive. At this point , you'll have to publish the Wordpress data files on your webhost.

To do this you will need what is known as an FTP program, which is short for File Transfer Protocol. All this means is the program you are going to use puts the computer files on to your webhost for you.

Take a look at and you can download this file transfer program. It's free and easy to work with.

Now, you will return to the Wordpress site for uploading directions to get the blog files onto your web hosting account.