Make a few extra bucksCredit:

These days making money can be tough. While the following ways may not be your conventional, run of the mill money-makers, they may get your wheels turning as far as coming up with new ways to make a few extra bucks.

  • Rent out a room in your house.  If you have an extra room in your home or apartment, consider renting it out on a monthly basis.  Depending on where you live, a spare room may be in high demand.  Just be sure you do a thorough interview and background check before letting a stranger come live in your home.
  • Similarly, if you live in a place where parking is hard to come by, consider renting out any extra parking spots you may have (or your own if you don’t own a car) for a little extra cash every month.
  • Childcare is a great way to earn a little extra money.  You can usually offer your childcare services out of your home which means you’ll get to make a little extra money while being home (and perhaps taking care of your own kids!)  Advertise to neighbors, family, friends and if you feel comfortable even Craigslist.
  • Not into kids? Consider dog walking.  Dog walkers, especially in a big city, can make quite a bit of money for doing something as leisurely as walking dogs a couple times a week. People who work full-time know how important it is for their dogs to get out, which is why dog walkers are so valuable.
  • Clean out your garage and closets and put together a yard sale.  Yard sales are a great way to clear out your space while making a little extra money.  Consider selling any items that you clear out, that may have a little more value, on Craigslist.  People who frequent garage sales are often looking for good deals, while people who search Craigslist or eBay are often looking for something more specific and know  about how much they are going to be spending.
  • Buy a lottery ticket.  The well-known saying goes; sometimes you have to spend some to make some.  While the odds of winning it big with a lottery ticket are slim, it can be a fun way to try!  Depending on what type of lotto game you play, the chances of winning vary.  So try your hand at a high odds game and see if you can make a few bucks while you’re at it!