Are you struggling to find an effective, safe easy and fast weight loss system? I know. I have been there, fighting that same battle for years. Keeping your weight under good regulation is not easy for some of us, because we lose weight at a snails pace, while we pack on the pounds at the drop of a hat. If this is you, I have a secret weight loss strategy to share with you.

This strategy is easy, you do the same thing six days a week and then you rest on the seventh day. Weight loss is slow the first month or two, however, if you can stick it out through the first eight weeks or so, the weight will literally begin to fall off at a steady clip of 4 pounds or better a week.

What is my secret to rapid weight loss several weeks into a full diet and workout plan? Weight training alternating with aerobic exercise sends your metabolism into overdrive. I literally could not believe what my eyes were seeing when I got past the first few months of my program. Up until that point I had lost only 8 pounds in two months on the scale, a dismal 1 pound a week. What I have failed to mention up until this point is that I had also lost 2 pants sizes with only being 8 pounds lighter on the scale. I may not have lost much weight, but I liked the results. I looked and felt a lot smaller and healthier even if the scale did not validate my observations.

What happened next surprised me even more, down 2 full sizes already, I started to watch the scale dip at a rate of 4 pounds every single week. I was shocked. I had never lost more than 6 pounds a month even in my early 20's, and now at 40 I was losing 4 pounds a week? This had to be a fluke, yet week after week the pounds continued to come off as my body became shaped and sculpted. I felt great, and looked even better.

What actually happened from a physiologic standpoint to make this the quickest and easiest diet and exercise program ever? I effectively boosted my permanently slow metabolism in to high gear by adding lean muscle. Lean muscle in turn raised my resting metabolism to the point where my body insisted that I fuel it and used my stored fat to do so. I may end up in the gym for an hour a day and eat a really boring Zone diet, but I am now thinner than ever, healthier than ever, and happier than ever before.