If you are searching for a simple method to learn Spanish, get a grasp of general conversational quickly, here are several suggestions to get you going.

When it comes to learning, the only mistake is trying to avoid them. If you are afraid to open your mouth, you will never learn to speak Spanish. Observe young children and their propensity for mispronouncing words in a humorous way. They key is to communicate, no matter how it comes out! It's a pleasure for me to hear non-native speakers talk English They think of several nice ways to put things together that I find enjoyable.. Keep in mind that trying to learn Spanish as a novice will naturally involve a lot of trial and error.

Keeping motivated and active is very important as you will become discouraged and will be more likely to give up otherwise. Would planning a trip to Mexico motivate you? If that isn't possible, ask a fellow student to practice with you or encourage a friend to study the lessons along with you. Next, be sure that you hold one another accountable. That can help you through the rough patches.

In order to learn conversational Spanish as quickly as possible, with the fewest number of words to memorize it's best to look for a "Spanish for dummies" like course. There is one popular online program that claims that by learning only 138 Spanish words, you will be conversational enough to get by in many situations. You can learn to speak Spanish in a matter of weeks or months with this training.

The best way to learn Spanish is by listening to words and then repeating them, similar to the way a child first learns to speak. Note that the term "listen" is emphasized. Don't try to learn from books. You should listen to the foreign words, then repeat them back. You shouldn't obsess over grammatical rules or committed lots of vocabulary to memory. The majority of schools employ this method for teaching languages, and it is the absolute incorrect way to go about it. It is very boring, and it doesn't work.

Find either some online Spanish lessons or learn Spanish audio CDs or CD-ROMs that are interactive. You can take as little as 15 minutes out of your busy schedule each day, and actually make progress toward learning Spanish. It is common for many of us to spend an hour or more each day just commuting to and from work, which offers a great opportunity to learn Spanish in the car.

If you really want to be an expert at speaking Spanish, then plan on investing more into learning it. This is a great way to quickly learn the basic Spanish phrases necessary to function in a Spanish-speaking environment.