Being a shy guy and trying to be successful with women is not easy.  Society tells us that the extroverted guy that seems to be everywhere, talking to everyone is the one that will be successful in their career and with women.  The shy guy is always portrayed as non confident, weaker, and not as attractive.  However, don’t let what you see in the movies and on TV make you think that introverted guys all struggle women and are awkward in social situations.  You can get rid of your shyness, and it is not as hard as it may seem.

The Difference Between Shy and Introverted

Being an introvert means that you “recharge” by being by yourself.  Being shy means you are often quiet and not as confident in social situations with people you haven’t met before.  The most important thing you must remember is that the two do not have to have any relation to each other.  You can be introverted and be better with people than an extrovert, you will just “recharge” by being by yourself.  Just because you are introverted does not mean you have to be shy in the slightest.  I am introverted but I am by no means shy.  Being introverted is in no way a negative trait, but being shy can be seen as one. 

You Don’t Have to be Shy

People love to socialize.  It is a normal, human thing to do.  Even though I am an introvert, I enjoy socializing.  The difference is I need time to myself once I am done socializing.  People are not shy because they are introverted, but because they have some sort of insecurity that makes them shy around people.  For example, I am and will always  be introverted, but I was shy because I had acne.  I felt that people would judge me because of my acne, and that made me hesitant around new people.  Once I had gotten rid of my acne with the right treatment, my shyness was virtually nonexistent. 

If You Want to Get Rid of Your Shyness, Figure Out Your Insecurities and Get Rid of Them

It really is as simple as that.  I was shy because of my acne, therefore getting rid of my acne got rid of my shyness.  What are you shy about?  Perhaps it is the simple fact that you are inexperienced in social situations.  Go out and practice being social.  Make small talk.  Talk to people on the street.  Smile at people as you walk by them.  These are all ways to practice in social situations, and in return, diminish your shyness.  Are you shy about your dandruff? Your sweating? If it something that can be treated, make the necessary steps to treat it.  If you are shy about something else, like your nose or height, realize that these things are silly to be shy about.  These are unique traits about yourself that you should be proud about.  It is a waste of time to be shy about things you can’t control, all you can do is focus on the things you can take care of, such as acne or dandruff.

It’s often that easy.  Unless you have some sort of anxiety, getting rid of shyness comes down to getting rid of your insecurities.  If the insecurities are treatable, do what it takes to treat them.  If they are not, then you must realize that being shy over something you cannot control is a waste of energy, and focusing on that will only bring out your shyness.