The Economic Workout

If you have ever tried to lose weight you will know that it can be expensive. Gym memberships or Home Gym systems, personal trainers and supplements. That is just the beginning, you can take spinning classes, go skiing, biking, surfing, there are a million ways to work your body, burn calories and lose fat, but many of them require equipment or hired expertise. So here are some ideas for exercises that cost nothing or next to nothing.


Jogging- Jogging is obviously one of the first things that comes to mind. You can do it virtually anywhere, anytime and requires nothing more than a decent pair of shoes. This is the only real investment that you will need to make, if you are on a very tight budget you can get workout shoes from a department store for under 15$, but be aware that cheap shoes will probably not give your feet very good support which can lead to joint problems. So you may want to save up for a good quality pair. Cost $15 and up

Swimming - If you live near a lake or ocean this can be a great exercise in the warmer months. It is a great exercise that works many muscle groups. Cost $0

Jump rope – There is a reason that boxers look the way they do. Jump rope is an old cardio favourite for boxers in training because it is an amazing cardiovascular exercise that also helps your timing. Just try jump rope and see how long you can last without breaking. Cost $2-$20


It is safe to say that it is now the general consensus that if you want to burn fat you don't want to neglect resistance training. The more muscle your body has the more fat it will burn while you are watching TV! So if you are trying to workout on a budget here are some great ideas that require little or no equipment that can be done anywhere.


Push-ups are an amazing health enhancing exercise that costs nothing, uses nothing but your body weight as resistance and can be done anywhere. They work your chest, triceps, shoulders and even the abdominals. If you don't know how to do them then google the "proper way to do push-ups" . They are harder than they look, if you can't do regular push-ups then try beginner push-ups with your knees on the floor. Be sure to track your progress and try for a little more each time and soon you will find that you can do more than you could when you started. Cost 0$


Forget all of the goofy TV ads and hype for building your 6 pack. Out of all of the exercises and gadgets out there very few rival the simple abdominal crunch. You can do them anywhere and cost nothing. The important thing to remember is to keep proper form. There is no point in doing any exercise if you are doing them improperly. Cost 0$

Squats – This exercise for beginners can be enough of an exercise without any additional weight. Just try some and see.

Stand up straight

Lower your body bending at the knees until the front of your legs are parallel to the floor.

Then slowly push back up until you are at the starting position.

Try 12 of these and see how you feel. If it was a little t0o easy you can put anything in your hands to increase the weight. Cost 0$

These are just a few ideas when it comes to working out economically. There are dozens of exercises that require nothing more than the movement and resistance of your body. The key with whatever routine you choose is to increase the resistance and intensity to always push your body to adapt.