Many people are unemployed and underemployed. They need money now. Jobs currently available offer long hours and minimal pay. A common misconception is work in the adult industry offers big bucks for minimal effort. The reality could not be more different. The adult entertainment industry has become a lot less profitable.

The strip club industry experienced an increase in women inquiring about dancing during the economic downturn. Every girl thinks strippers always make money but forget certain factors that must be considered. Strippers are funded by the discretionary income of the customers. When less people are employed, there is less money to spend on non-essential items, including lap dances.

Clubs charge a cover at the door and $7 for a beer. Many customers with thin pockets cannot shove their last dollar into a g-string. Especially because they can see it for free. Clubs do not mandate that customers tip. The club will always make their money through the customer door cover, dancer stage fees and drink sales. Dancers are at a negative balance from the minute they enter the club and have to contend with many variables in order to turn a profit while performing.

Escorting has definitely seen better days. The Mayflower Madam described making healthy sums of cash organizing romantic interludes between wealthy men and beautiful women. With everyone so mindful of their spending, the days of the $5000 are long gone. Women are commonly seen advertising "adult services" on Craigslist. Men looking for a better deal know someone is always more desperate and will perform they want for cheaper. Women have advertised services on Craigslist for as little as $75.

The pornography business has been hit especially hard. Sex sells, but with free websites and amateur content offered online, it is harder to turn a profit. Studios are not the only parties in the movie making business. Zack and Miri Make A Porno showed that anyone with a camera and motivation can shoot a video and have the material marketed as an adult movie. With studios making less money, new faces are offered less money. And you must break new ground to be noticed in the industry. You have people performing more exotic acts for less compensation then they would have received a couple of years ago.

The world of adult entertainment may appear glamorous and enticing. Underneath all the sexy coating there is a darker side. Times are changing fast and the adult entertainment business is just one area heavily affected by the economy.