Divorce is not a fun thing or an event you look forward to especially when kids are involved unless one spouse has abusive traits. Breaking up with the person whom you thought you will be living a happy life with is not an easy thing to do. You had planned so many things; you had so many dreams but may be life changed for some reasons and now you see nothing but a blind turn to your relationship, your thoughts are shattered but this is something which is essential for you to do. Think about it before you select it as a final option because it brings about a lot of adverse consequences with the course of time.

Married couples which have kids and they are trying to get separated, experience even worst things and scenarios. They are not even aware of the feelings and emotions their kids are going to exhibit after they get divorced. Would they be able to grow up healthy and prosperous? In this article we are going to highlight a few of such situations in short, some common psychological effects of divorce on children.

Sociologists and psychologists who have been researching and trying to figure out the mental ailments and behaviors regarding the purpose are just starting to give out valuable information. There are numerous things and factors to be considered depending upon the age of the children at the time of divorce. It might also depend on the personality and gender a kid has or the family and relative background he or she keeps.

Little children which are below the age of three or two have the least psychological effects. Effects of divorce tend to destruct them in the minimum amount possible. Young children don't absorb anything from the conclusion of their parent's separation. However, if there is a special bond present between particular parents, the child can get shattered and depressed. Infants on the other hand, wouldn't be able to understand what is going on either but they might get sick from the moods and conflicts of the family.

Children, who are going to preschool or certain camps, tend to think that the divorce occurred because of them. They are scared of being lonely and have nobody to love anymore and act unusual than their normal behavior. They might get aggressive, tensed, and uncooperative.

Parental divorce is really hard for the children that are in elementary school. School going children are aware of their household lifestyle and if there is a sudden change, they realize it and question about it as well. They may go through grief, depression, embarrassment, loneliness and anger eventually. Children of this age want their parents to get together how they used to be and for that reason they might feel ignored and disturbed. They can also complain of getting headaches and stomach problems.