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The Effects of Binge Drinking Over a Prolonged Period of Time

Post College Effects of Binge Drinking

The side effects of binge drinking are severe and seemingly infinite.  They range from the well-known (and recently glamorized by Hollywood) hangover in the short-term to longer-term disease such as cirrhosis of the liver %20">(Side Note – the most effective “cure” I’ve found for my hangovers is loading up on coconut water.  Here is a link to my preferred brand on Amazon).  Whether its damage to the brain, tension on the liver and kidneys, or the increased risk to certain strains of cancer, all of the effects of binge drinking are negative and unsustainable over the course of one’s life.  Binge drinking has less-enhanced physical side effects (other than the occasional hangover) when we are in college.  Our bodies are young and bounce back in a snap from the abuse we put it through the night before.  On top of that, the act of binge drinking is encouraged in a lot of social situations; therefore, we fool ourselves into thinking there’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s once we leave our campus' in the rearview, when the real effects of binge drinking rear their ugly head. 

A little background on myself.  I've been binge drinking ever since I was 16 (not necessarily every time I sit down to have a beer, but more often then not I'll have at least 4-5 drinks).  I’m a 33 year old white male (ex-frat boy) who is wildly affected by my still sporadic binge drinking (I’ve been able to limit my binge drinking to only weddings, birthday/engagement/going away parties, “important” sporting events, and other various special occasions).  My parents are so proud!  Every single person I’m even remotely close with from undergraduate and graduate school, still drinks in excess on occasion if not regularly.  Let me repeat something, I’m THIRTY-THREE!  The scary part is that no one even shows signs of wanting to slow down!  Let me give you a non-exhaustive list of my own personal side effects after a night of binge drinking: massive headache, nausea, the “shakes”, dehydration, heartburn, depression (sometimes severe), weight gain, grave remorse from things I said or did the night before, stomach problems, etc.  On average it takes me about 3-4 full days (and a minimum of 2-3 hardcore cardio workouts) to feel completely normal again after a night of binge drinking.  Aren’t you jealous?  I didn’t think so.  I’m grateful at this point I don’t have any “serious” ailments from all the alcoholic-like mayhem I’ve put my body through.  The effects binge drinking is having on my life are becoming simply unlivable. 

So the here’s the real question.   How does one let go of their binge drinking lifestyle without seeming like a complete social recluse?  Well the answer is simple, either don’t drink at all or drink in moderation %20">(If you have problems figuring out how much you’ve had to drink or just want a fun party gag, then I’d recommend this breathalyzer keychain which I’ve personally found to be very accurate).   Learn when to replace the booze, with something a little less detrimental to your overall health.  If I could use myself as any sort of crude example, I’d say it’s easier said than done.  I think it's time for us post graduates to wean ourselves off the beer bong.