Crime and society

Crime trauma: Its effects on the human psyche

To place the concept of crime next to the description that I make of my community is a near-impossibility. The commission of a crime is abhorrent and contrary to our morals as compared to the beauty and serenity my community evokes. The community which I live is a place that is conducive to personal growth as a responsible and successful individual someday, and helps me instill within me a dignified character and the right perspective in light.

All of this changed, particularly on how I view my community relative to my life as a citizen, because of a crime committed within our community. A crazy man we usually see roaming around our community was murdered. He was killed by a knife-wielding individual. The victim's body was filled with knife wounds all over.

The first thing that came into my mind was the question "how could this happen?" The way I lEffects Of Crime In The Societyook at it is that the people living in our community are nice people with good-upbringing incapable of doing this crime particularly to a demented individual incapable of defense. I heard rumors that the victim could have been killed by a drug addict. My community life changed. I started asking many questions. Do drug pushers exist now in our community? Is it still safe to go outside the house during the night? Who could be the killer? A sense of uneasiness settled over me. This circumstance affected me personally and emotionally. Probably the suspect is still out there, high on drugs and ready to kill. One would sense a feeling of foreboding in the air within the community.

My perception of crime changed. Crime could be committed even in a peaceful community, and it changes lives abruptly. There is no perfect precaution to prevent crimes; hence, what one should to is to make extra measures to safeguard his/her life.